My Mom Tried To Throw Me Away When I Was 16...

I am going to give a bit of back story so what I am going to share makes a bit more sence. As I child I was severely abused at home, by staff at school, and by staff at the children's psychiatric hospitals my mom would send me to as punishments. She would lie and claim I was suicidal. A half hour later a ambulance would show up, put me in restraints and then take me to the hospital. I was diagnosed with PTSD due to the abuse in the psychiatric hospitals.

So at age 16 I had just come back to school after a stay. The ambulance came to get me at school, taking me out in restraints for all to see. So I am in class doing my math and I ask my teacher for help understanding the work. I was told to stop interupting the class and do my work. Out of frustraition I closed my math book and laid my head down on my desk all quietly. The teacher called two staff from the school's solitary room team. If you were "bad" you were taken to solitary and locked in the closet sized room 1-3 hours.

So one of the two guys who came to the classroom asks me why I am refusing to do my school work. I tried explaining the problem, that I needed help understanding the math problem. But the guy cut me off saying "LOOK, do we need to call the people again". I had no idea what they meant, and asked what he was talking about. He tells me "The psych hospital people!".

I totally FREAKED. I literally jumped out of my char, pushed both the staff out of my way and ran out of the classroom as fast as I could. I was absolutely terrified of being sent back to the hospital. I didn't want to get hurt again. They had to call my mom to come to the school because they were unable to find me. I was found two hours later hiding behind a bush shaking and crying uncontrolably.

My mom walked me to the bus stop for the city bus ride back home and tells me maybe she should have me admitted to Charter Oak again. That was the first psych visit she did to me at 9 years old. Of course I got upset all over again.

3 days later I was sent home from school early. Basically a bully tried to get me to fight him and when I wouldn't, he went into the school's solitary room and began throwing himself against the wall yelling for me to let him out. I was grading school work for a class teacher and hadn't moved one bit. I was ignoring him as I was told to. A staff responded to the bully yelling and when let out of the solitary room he had a bloody nose and told the staff member I did it. So I was sent home for fighting.

So here's where my mom tried to throw me away. I was bearly home when she told me to stay dressed. My dad (my parents had divorced when I was 12 and were seperated) pulled up. My mom put me in the car and put a back pack in the trunk. I knew she was going to try to have me hospitalized again. And like I expected, we pulled into the parking lot of Charter Oak Hospital in Covina CA. My heart began to pound so hard in my chest from fear and PTSD induced flashbacks.

My mom told her lie that I was suicidal and had tried to kill myself. But when interviewed by the nurse, the nurse decided I was fine. Unlike the first time she did it when I didn't know better, I refused to tell the nurse I was suicidal. NOW I knew what would happen if I said that. And I was going to fight going back in the hospital.

My mom went back in with the nurse while I sat on a bench outside. My mom comes outside 20 minutes later to tell me paperwork is being done for me to go live in a group home. She began telling me how good it was going to be for me and how much fun I was going to have. Bull!!

A hour later afraid of losing all my things as I would only have what was in the back pack and everything else I would have to leave behind. Just how it works. You don't go into group home and get to take all your toys and things. Your lucky if you can grab some clothes and a few things that fit into a back pack. Anyway, after the hour of waiting my mom was told the request was denied for group home placement.

My mom then put me into the car and drove over to child services. We met with a social worker. My began telling the social worker that I was beating her and my brother and that they were afraid for their lives. I couldn't believe she said that and spoke up saying my mom was lying. The social worker told me to sit down and shut up or I could wait in the hall with the security guard.

I slowly sat back down and sat for 45 minutes watching my mom neatly fill out each form to transfer custody of me to the State of California. Toward the end the social worker informed my mom that because she said I was beating her and my brother I was deemed too dangerous to go to a group home or foster home and would instead be taken to the juvinile detention center for the next 5 years till I was 21. I couldn't believe this. I didn't do ANYTHING to her, but yet was about to go to a jail for kids for something I didn't even do.

The last form came up before I was to be lead away forever from my so called "family". Yea, "family" doesn't throw away their children. The last form was for child support. For the State of California to take care of me, my mom would have to pay $600.00 each month to pay for my care in the detention center for the next 5 years.

It was then, when she learned the price tag for getting rid of me that she finally told the social worker she was lying about my behavior. That although me and my brother would get in yelling fights, I wasn't beating my brother or my mom. She was reprimanded for making a false report and told she could go to jail for making such a report just so she could get rid of me. I was loaded in the car and brought back home.

My mom went back to calling the Van Nuys Children's Psychiatric Hospital in Van Nuys to punish me instead of trying to get rid of me anymore. Thanks for listening.

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Your mother deserves to be raped then be thrown in a fire,where is your mom now and did yoir dad know