She S Going To Have A Baby Tomorrow She S Forgot To Tell Her Mom Whom She Lives With

My Husband and I live with his mum as we are saving money to buy our own home. His mom and I get along just fine , it's just his siblings that i cannot stand. His brother a 26 year old Brat who cannot look after himself and his lazy 38 year old sister who also lives at home too. Believe me I just wan to get out of here now and i don't care If I had known what I was going to deal with when I got here, Lord I would've been anywhere else.

The 38 year old sister had gotten herself pregnant ( which is no problem) It's just she's not told no one in household that 1) she is pregnant and 2) she's actually being induced tomorrow?! I  suspected this for a while but she's carrying really small and it's not that noticeable and she's tall and always wearing her usual oversized clothing. I happened to walk past her bedroom this evening and realised that her bag was packed and asked her where she was off to . She finally came out that she was off to hospital to have a baby and somehow seemed to find the whole scenario hilarious. I knew she was expecting but I am still in shock, I asked her whether she could not see the wrong in keeping us in suspense,  but most of all not saying a word until the last minute to her mum.  Her Mum has lost two husbands, fled a war torn country and worked her *** off for everything she has and this woman thinks it's a piece of cake to be an idiot. I am furious! My husbands so angry his speechless. I 'm thinking what the hell? Now his angry  at me because I posted a statement on FB just stating how shocked I am and that I find the situation fundamentally wrong (no mention of her faux pas) His concerned that it'll cause her to react and I'm thinking who is she to  be given any concern as she clearly has no respect for anyone.Should she rather not be embarrassed  and ashamed of behaving like a child. She hardly does anything , rarely contributes to household and now she's bringing her spawn into her Mums house as an extra. I'm appalled, what kind of family is this? Now  I questioning what am I doing in this Family... Am I wrong to feel this way?
jin1502 jin1502
May 21, 2012