Heavy Anklet And Toe Ring

It was three month ago when i am alone and my bhabhi is learning pongo from there master. As bhabhi is always strict, what he will say i have to follow otherwise he will scold me in front of other ladies. As she is busy in pongo he called me come on dance, as there master is there i refused and went to the room, she is very angry. When master left the place she called her 5 friend and called me in front of him. She said we will play a game and she told me to sit in between and rule of the game is that what ever written in the slip have to perform all that . The game started and first slip is mine and in that it is written that i have to live as a women for one month, i say no but as my bhabhi is very strict told to there friend to take him inside and make him naked. he make me fully naked and all my gents cloth is burned, now no gents cloth left. Then bhabhi told me to go out otherwise she will forced or other option opt for ladies cloth. Now i am ready to wear ladies cloth as no option left. First he throw heavy anklet and told to wear and come outside. when i come outside they all r ready with 25-25 anklet on my hand. When i am ready i have to go to each lady and suck there toe and 10 slaps from each lady and they told me to go to the terrace. I again say no then this word is horrible to my bhabhi she slept me and told me to kneel down and then beaten with all friend sandal. Then i agree to go. There i have to dance and video shooting is going on and i am dancing on the song haath me kankan par me payal. As my video shooting is over now my bhabhi is in full confidence and told to go inside and wear tight salwar suit, bra and penti inside. When i wear salwar suit she took me to the beutiparlour and bindi, mangtika and nose and ear are pierced and wear very very heavy jumka on my ear so that a ladies must know its not easy to wear heavy jumka, then applied dark blue nail polish and blue lipstick to be look as a sexy.Then at home he called dance teacher for me so that i will be femine for ever . the dance teacher is a lady very stict, at every step wrong she used to give punishment as per my bhabhi order. once when i do wrong step she take me to the bathroom and told me to smell excreta of my bhabhi and this punishment is not for a single minute but for a whole day. In that period i have to drink toilet of my bhabhi and dance teacher vigourously. As i learn dance she told me to do dance in front of male as know he is running prostitute and earning money. After every dance she slapped me so that i always remember that she is his strict bhabhi
Neetu123456789 Neetu123456789
36-40, F
Sep 24, 2012