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She Made Me To Wear Her Sari

Ours is the common bathroom for two portions in the same compound. My neighbor lady put her clothes in a corner of the bathroom after taking bath. Wow, it’s a feast for me. I always take my bath after she took her bath. I go into the bathroom, close the door and enjoy with her clothes (sometimes she leaves petticoat, sari, blouse and bra; sometimes petticoat and nighty; sometimes Shalwar- Kameez. Every day I will have a feast in the bathroom. I smell her cloths, rub them wear them and wet them with my ***.
Last week my wife went to her home town and I am alone at home. I felt so happy because I could enjoy with my neighbor’s cloths all the day and night. As she is a working woman; she will go away all the day.
My wife went early morning train. I came home after sending her off. It was about 9.00am I was much excited. Because my neighbor will leave to office by 9.30am. I can wear her clothes from 9.30 to till the evening, when she comes back. I am horny too… my **** was erected with the feeling of enjoyment I am going to get by wearing her clothes.
At last she locked her door and went away. I screamed wow and entered into the bathroom and saw; there was a white petticoat on the top of the bucket. I took it. After smelling and kissing, I removed my pant and wore it. Then I took her white 32 (80) sized bra. I removed my shirt and wore it. Oooooooh…..What a feeling….. After that I took the light yellow color maroon dotted blouse. Finally the sari……. Yes the used sari…. Ooh what a smooth touch. What a smell. Exiting. I wrapped the sari.
What a pretty feeling. I enjoyed this feeling many times but for a few minutes in the bathroom. But today I want to enjoy the feeling hours together. I opened the bathroom door and came into the house. Bolted the door. All the day I enjoyed with it. Three times I cumed in the sari. She will be back by 6.00 pm so I removed her clothes by 4.00 and kept them in the bathroom bucket as is where is. And that night also I enjoyed with those cloths.
The next day was Sunday. She won’t go to the office. I was thinking - oops I can’t wear them today. After having bath, breakfast etc. I sat at my workstation checking doing my work. At about 11.00 am I heard a knock off my door. I opened the door. My neighbor lady was there. She came in with serious looks and asked me “what is this”.
I asked “which”
By showing the petticoat in her hand she said “this”.
Though I am afraid without showing the feeling I said “it’s some cloth”
“Oh… Some cloth? You don’t know what cloth is this?” She asked me seriously by showing the *** stains on it.
“Oh petticoat. It may be yours” I exclaimed. But I was trembling with fear from inside.
“Yes. Its my petticoat. But what are these stains?” She waved it in front of my face.
“It… It… It might be water. You have started washing know” I said.
“Water” she exclaimed and said “It is sticky man. Is the water sticky?” She stressed “tell me what this is?”
“How could I know, it is your petty coat” I said
“I know, it's mine. But I am asking about these sticky stains. Who made it?”
With fear and low voice I tried to convince her “may be white discharge. I read in some articles that women might have a sticky white discharge in some fungal diseases”
“Oh.. White discharge… You won’t tell like this. Come on… come with me” she holds my hand and dragged.
My fear enhanced. I said “Where are you taking me. Sorry. Please leave me.”
“You are coming with me. Otherwise I will shout loudly, neighbors will gather here” she threatened me.
There is no other go. I closed my room door and went with her. She took me to her portion and bolted the door.( I already said .. Both our houses are in a compound. No one can notice what is going on here.)
My tension and fear is rising minute by minute. I am not able to expect what she is going to do.
After closing the door she came to me and thrown that petticoat on my face “Is it the stain of my white discharge?” She asked.
I didn’t reply.
“Come one tell me. Do you think I have a fungal disease.” She dragged her nighty up and removed her black petticoat by saying “see … see this petticoat.. Where is the white discharge on this petticoat? Come on tell me?”
I can’t answer her with fear.
“I will show you how these stains come” she came to words me with the black petticoat, which she removed from her body just a moment ago. “Come on take this”.
I haven’t taken it. Again she said “take this… otherwise I will shout.”
I took it in to my hand. Oh… lovely black petticoat..My favorite one and that too used one and removed from a woman’s body few moments ago. Exiting feeling. Its fragrance taking me towards heaven. The excitement over come the fear. I became horny. My **** hardened. Trying to come out from my lungi. At the same time she came to me and said “come on wear it” I look with question mark face. Again se said. “Come on wear that petticoat…” . She dragged my lungi. I didn’t wear underwear, so I became nude. Immediately I wrapped my thighs with the petticoat. She laughed and said “wear it man”.
My **** was hardening and raising. I wore it.
Then she thrown the sari on me by saying “Come on wear it”. I looked at her with shy. “Don’t be shy. Wear it.”
I said “I am a man how could I know to wear a sari “.
She smiled “oh. You don’t to wear a sari. You can wear the blouse you know. Wear this blouse.” She gave the blouse.
I put my hand in to it. She said “Stop…stop…first wear this bra” she gave the bra. I looked at her with shy. “don’t worry wear it. I will hook it” I wear the bra and she hooked it. Exiting pre *** is coming out of my ****. A small wet spot appeared on the black petticoat. I tried to close it with my hand.
She looked at it and said with funny voice “don’t try to hid it man. It’s my white discharge not yours. Come on wear the blouse”
I wore it. My nipples erected. Pre *** discharge increased. The wet spot on the petticoat become wide.
She said “oo.. White discharge…isn’t it. ok… ok . Wear the sari also. My fungal infected white discharge will increase more.”
She took the sari and tucked one side of the sari into the petticoat. Here had touched to my belly. A sweet shock. The pre *** increased. I am unable to control it. She rapped the sari around my thighs and put the pallu around my waist. Then she thrown me in the bed. “Come on tell me what those stains on my petticoat are”.
I was murmuring “it…it…”
She sat besides me on the bed and hold my hard **** “I know you won’t tell. I show you how he sticky stains came on my petticoat.” By say this. She started ******* my hard **** with one hand and pinching my nipple with the other. Its my favorite stile. Ooooooooh. I was screaming. She increased the speed. Wow.. its climax…climax… I was screaming and moving up and down. She hold my **** tightly with funny smile. Its *** out. Her sari she wrapped around my waist was also became wet with my ***.
Now she got up and said with laughing “this is the white discharge which stained my petticoat. Will you accept it now or not?”
Now, what can I do? I accepted that I cummed in her cloths.
She said with smile “I know man… I noticed your mischief long time back. I used to saw stains on my petticoats, saris and other cloths many number of times. I doubted then itself its you who is spoiling my cloths. And waiting for the chance. Today I got the chance”
I was removing the sari. She said “stop man where are you going without quenching my thirst” By saying that she removed her nighty and sat on my face “come on eat my *****”.
I understood that she is by sexual. Her husband is on outstation camp. She also told that she is very interested towards the man who wears women’s cloths. She also told that she requested her husband number of times to wear women’s cloths, but he was not accepted her request.
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Very nice experience. If it is possible I will like help such ladies

Try yourself. I wish you good luck.

can i meet with her....i m also intrested 2 wear saree

Try for you neighbor

very nice story i like it. there nothing wrong to wear women's clothes but spoiling the clothes is very bad

Since the beginning I wear women's clothing for ************. I didn't ever think that I am a girl/sissy etc. The very touch of those cloths make me arouse. My **** erects with that touch/ with the smell of women's used clothes.

Enjoy the opportunity to have a woman dress you up like that.