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Indian Political Humour

“…Rahul is learnt to have told party president Sonia Gandhi that he is ‘perturbed’ over the way the party has given tickets to children and relatives of leaders for the coming elections in many states…” Indian Express, Nov 8th  “Mama I am very upset with you!” “Mama Mia my little baby boy is upset with his mama? Why is my little boy upset with me?” “You have given tickets to the children of our leaders!” “Yes my son, I have!” “Mama leadership cannot be passed from father to son. This is a democracy, we have to win the confidence of the people!” “So my little baby does not agree with me?” “No mama I don’t!” “Call my uncle in Italy!” “Call whom?” “My uncle, tell him you will be coming to Milano!” “Me going to Italy? Why?” “You need a job my son!” “What do you want me to do in Italy mother?” “Work in his bakery! Learn to make bread, make the dough then jump on it, tread on it make it mix with your sweat then add yeast and put it into the oven!” “What are you saying mother?” “The recipe uncle Pedro gave me to make the best bread in Italy! Your uncle is a baker no!” “I know!” “So you go and join the business, he needs an assistant!” “You want me to become a baker?” “Mama Mia! One has to work my son!” “But I am happy being a politician mother, why should I become a baker?” “Because mama is going to cancel your party ticket! Like you said, you cannot be a leader just because your father was one or your mother is one correct?” “Wait mama! Wait! But daddy became one because his mother was one!” “Yes my son, and his mother became one because her father, Nehru was one!” “Mama!” “Yes my son?” “We started it all didn’t we?” “Yes my son and now we have to live with it!” “But mama?” “Yes my son?”  “Why didn’t you give Alva aunty a ticket for her son?” “Your baker uncle needs an assistant right?” “Right mama!” “Somebody has to go and help him right? So I thought I’d send him there instead of you to help run the bakery.”
“But won’t Alva aunty mind mother?” “I am giving him a partnership my son, your uncle has agreed to make Indian sweetmeats in his bakery and so will be changing his bakery name to, ‘Maino Bakery and Halva Store!” “I am not perturbed anymore mama..!”

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