Accidental Sex With Own Mom

This is not a story this is a true incident happened in my life.

Iam indiran. My age is 24. This incident happened at my college final year.

In my home me nd mom only. My dad expired at my 5th age.
In my college days I always used to have drinks at home when my mom goes to my native place. Same has happened that year also.
Our friends had a great party at home. And at the end of the party I mixed our cocktail mixture along with pepsi and kept inside the freezer. Then I totally forget abt dat.

But in next few days my mom has returned from my native place. She accidentally took dat bottle and drink entire alchol thinking it as a cool drink.

Iam unable to stop her becoz I may get caught red handedly. So I waited her to scold me. Since it was a cocktail my mom loosing her consciousness and fell down slowly.

I took her in my arms to her room. As she travelled a long distance her saree very loosely tied nd it about to.fell.

Now my teenage mind started somethng unethical.

I slowly laid her on bed and removed her dress fully

Now she was fully nude infront of her own son. I touched licked sucked her entire body. At first I dint notice the changes in her body.

But later her nipple become hard her body heat is increasing. Whn I.sucked her vagina I felt dat some salty thick juice oozing from her hole. Slowly I inserted my penis into my mom vagina and pumping.her. Finally I finished nd collapsed on top of hr and arranged her dress asusual.
But in next day when she wake up she behaved as nothing happened

Can anyone clarify me she really dont know anything or she acting. Also tell me how her body responded to my touches even she unconscious..
Indiran89 Indiran89
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If you really did your fantasy as you say, it'd be rape.

What the hell dude?