All Of Them

for any girl who ever wanted to wet her pants in any way i am here for you . for any girl who wanted to make a man wet his pants , i am here for you . i would like to be the boy in your class asking to go to the rest room , that you tell no . like to be the man you arrest and bring in for questioning with no bathroom breaks . like to be the guy in your car who has to pee bad when you won t stop . i want to be the guy you tie to a chair and make me drink . i want you to lock me out of the bathroom and hold my hands so i can t get it out .  be the girl who can read my mind of all the ways i could and would make you wet your pants . do all these things to me .  put a lock on my zippper so i can t pull it down . want you to be the one who says i should have went before and spank me over your lap for having to go making me have a accident  . want you to be the girl who gets off hearing about how bad i have to go and enjoy making me more and more desperate . to play the games where you have to roll doubles twice before you can pee . to be that guy you watch in line holding his pee .hoping he will **** his pants . i want you to pull me out of line and tell me to wait till we get home . i want the girl who would enjoy makeing me suffer and hold it as much as i would enjoy doing it to her . the girl who would get turned on by the first i need to pee . find a way to keep me waiting and waiting and holding and holding and begging and crying and waiting and holding untill the end when i no longer need to go .

stevewet stevewet
36-40, M
Feb 14, 2010