***** Poker At Tail End Of Party

This particular indulgence was not pre-planned but opportunistic.
It was the fading end of a house party (my house) and the last half dozen diehards were still going strong. There was myself, 3 girls and 3 other guys (no couples however). A friend of mine jokingly suggested livening things up with a game of ***** poker and was surprised to find everyone, including 2 of the girls, quite keen to participate. I was drunk and high enough to be not just uninhibitted about joining in but once we started I decided to purposely do poorly. (I am generally quite a decent player) I set out to have an unlucky night. 
  As the game progressed both the girls who had joined in were down to their bra and panties, one guy had only lost his shoes, socks and a shirt, another was down to a t-shirt and boxers, and the other had just a t-shirt as he had elected to lose his underpants first (I suspect he was keen to show off his large endowment to the ladies), I however was clad solely in a pair of tightie whities. I lost he next hand and therefore i was the first one naked. The rule was you had to stay naked and watch from the sidelines until there was an eventual solitary winner. all but one of the guys there already knew I had a tiny flaccid **** but to my knowledge none of the girls did. They all had obvious looks of surprise on their faces when I pulled off my pants and exposed my miniscule little 2" ****. before I sat down away from the table. The 2 girls got naked before the next guy was out. He wasnt big but he was still a lot bigger than me. I think he was relieved when he had seen how tiny my **** was as he was the only guy who didnt know and may have thought he might be the smallest in the room. The next guy went down and he quickly tossed aside his t-shirt (he was the one who had gone bottomless first) and he proudly strutted his big-stuff in front of the ladies. The winner obliged the girl's by stripping off his remaining clothes so we were all naked except for the girl who had refused to partake in our game but obviously enjoyed voying us all. (In my mind I was hoping someone would suggest a measure off but it didnt materialize. The girl who had not played actually felt uncomfortable because she was the only one fully clothed and with only a little bit of cajoling (mostly by the other girls) she ******** off. 
 I would like to say that it all ended in a sexual free-for-all  but it didnt we carried on for a short while naked and mildly flirting but then everyone either dressed and departed for home alone or as in the case of 2 guys and 2 gals they decide to sneak off together. One couple left for either his or hers while the other 2 indulged themselves in my spare room At any rate I was left alone to ponder my own navel but i did enjoy a good **** in my room knowing that the three girls present had at least seen my tiny little ****** and had obviously noted that I was much smaller than even the average size guy. Although they did not make any comments at the time I imagined them gossiping between themselves and perhaps telling some other female friends about my pathetic little **** they saw.
litlebigman2 litlebigman2
51-55, M
Sep 15, 2012