Detoxing Off Of Methadone

Hello, I am in a really hard place right now... I am getting ready to detox off of my Methadone. I have been in the Methadone Clinic for about a year and a half and I have finally decided that I want my life back and I want to be clean without any drugs. So, I was just wondering if there is anyone that can help me out. Any withdrawl tips? Things I can do to help get through it? How long will it take? Is there anything I can do so it is not so horrible as everyone makes it out to be? I am just really scared, but I am so ready to be clean. Not only for me but for my son. He doesnt deserve a mom that's on Methadone. So if there is anyone out there that can help me and give me any tips on this I would greatly appreciate it. I am planning on quitting cold turkey in two weeks. So any advice will be helpful. Thank you very much. God Bless you all.

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But, sorry, I didn't answer the questions you asked. I don't recremend detoxing @ home!! None, of it will be good. So, I think you need to get to a hospital!!! If there was an easy way out ~ we would all be doing it!! It sucks! I compared it to a sober person cutting off their own foot. Thta's how hard it is! You know how bad it's gonna hurt. Just do alot of research and talk to docters before you do anything! Good luck~ I'm going through the same thing...

I've been through dfs w/ my daughter cause of being on methadone. I got a lawyer and the case was thrown out because methadone is a drug program. But, I've been on it straight for 2 yrs and am so ready to get off. I too am on 110. That's kinda funny~ were all on the same mgs. I'm just gonna start saving up money and go to a good detox program. One that helps w/ the sympotns. You can die from metheadone detox if you have any other health problems. You would think w/ how much herion and opiates have become such a problem, there would be some more progressive, safer medication!! But, go slow and don't let DFS scare you~ they legally CANT nake you get off methadone!! I'll say a prayer for us~ I think there's alot of people in our situation. I hope that soon, there will be an affordable way for people to get off this pioson!!! Thanks, Rach

My boyfriend has been in methadone program for 3 years. He is on 110MG daily and has recently decided to start titrating down through the clinic. I am afraid that he might not be ready. I have only been with him about 1 year and have only know him on and in the program. I am looking for others who have helped loved ones through the process and anyone who can tell me what to expect or to look out for to help him. Thanks and much love to all in the same situation.

When I met my boyfriend he was also on methadone through a program, 85mg. He started to taper, and he started to use heroin again to get him over the pain of detox...not every day, just maybe 1 time a week or two. If your boyfriend thinks hes ready, give him credit for wanting to try, just make sure hes not coming off of it in able to get high again. I can tell you what to look for if you suspect he started using again.....if hes not on time for something you planned, if he disappears for a while during the day, if his eyes are dialated, if hes in the bathroom for awhile with the door locked, if he gets the "Flu", and doesn't feel well for a few days, if he has a low sex drive.. if he shoots up, he'll have marks on his arm, or he may shoot up in between his toes, so not to show track marks,....if he nods out, or feels sleepy, if there is money or time he cant account for....if you find your money or things missing, and just basicly if hes not himself

im a 24 yr old female who just had a baby shes 6 sweeks old and she went thru w/drawls. she was in the nicu for 41 days it was hard. the whole time i had to travel 6 hours there and back every other day by myself, i had no one helpingme or really coming to visit me during the 41 days we wre there. my baby is fine now but i displayed lots of tearfulness and stress when i was in her room and signs that i wasnt able to handle my duaghter so thay wanted me to put her in foster care, i cried and cried and ultimatly dod what wa best for harlow and that was to put her w/ relatives until i was mentally stable. none of my family was willing or had the time money or patiemce to keep her for 90 days. i have my 3 yr old, still struggling going to my clinic 3 times a week and taking care of her by myself w/ protective daycare, the father is very abusive. at any rate, today we had a team meeting at dhs and they are wanting me to go into detox and get off this **** once and for all. i am deathly afraid of the w/drawl id rather die i cant even begin to tell u how afraif i am. iv been researchin it and ur heart can stop or u can sieze and can leave permenent damage to ur face so it srays like that. Im on 110 mg and my clinic wouldnt advice it, they recomend titrating down but then they tolf my worker its gonnabe hard but poses no health risk as far as dying and such and it goon from anywhere from . I have like 82 day to get off before the courts are invorved i just dont know if i can mentally do it in sucs s i im gona pass out my likxcxcxcxc

Hey, I dont have kids...but I've detoxed from 120mg down to 12mg and it took about 1 year through my clinic. Im not gonna lie, the hardest part was 60mg to 30 mg. I did that too quick. I am now going cold turkey at home off of the 12mg. Do you absolutely have to be off in 82 days? Why would the courts demand you off of meth, if its through a clinic?? First of all you are not going to die or have siezures. You may feel like you want to die...but you wont. I recommend you go to an inpatient detox so they can taper you and give you things to make you feel comfortable.