Looking For A "son" To Do Anr

Hello I am an Indonesian girl aged 22 years old. Well, I just knew about ANR only about a few weeks ago but I always knew that I love to have my nipples to be sucked and played with hehe. So I have a huge fantasy about nursing a man. I think it’s not only erotic but also relaxing, and it also can build a strong bond between me and him. Especially if the man calls me “mommy” and wants to be treated like a baby or like a little kid. I would really love to have him lay across my lap, i hold my *** with one hand and push my nipple into his mouth while I hold his head with my other hand, look at his face only to find he is enjoying sucking my nipple so much, and I let him to feel safe and comfortable. I believe it must feel wonderful for both of us. And no, I dont lactate, I am single and have never been pregnant yet so I think inducing milk for a single girl with no kids seems strange to me lol. Anyway, if anyone has the same fantasy or wants to be my “son” to experience ANR, just inbox me and we can talk about it more. Thank you 
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how can I get in contat with you

I would LOVE to be your baby boy! I am 22 years old too i have the EXACT same fantacy! Like you said it doesn't have to be sexual. It just sounds comfortable and relaxation to me =)

There may be a baby girl? I need all that you quoted.

hi iv always wanted a mommy i never got the love and care i strive for if your still interested im in need of a moomy pleazz help

are you still looking for a son?

hi am adult baby 247 and hi love to be breast fed so if you would like to chat get back in tough and we can chat baby glencoe2

Sounds like fun. I love suckling my wife's breasts and I know it turns her on. Happy hunting