Srotum Inflation

i was on holiday spending the week at home and as you do i ended up looking at too much **** and lots of weired sites

After a few sites i found one that showed all sorts of different scrotum play
some of it was tieing the scrotum up super tight
some of it was play piercing
however what i was interested in was the inflation of the scrotum
so after reading the articles and viewing a few videos i decided to have a go
I realised i was going to be unable to use saline as they do most of the time although that seems to be the best system
Anyway i took a hypo needle cleaned my scrotum with some anteseptic wipes and inserted the needle
waited to see if any blood came to indicate i had nicked a vein but nothing came so i then held a small rubber tube onto the head of the needle and blue into the tube and watched and felt the air inflate my scrotum
It was awsome!!!!!!
i then needed to get mor eair in it than i was able to blow so i then linked up my bicycle hand pump to the tube and used that to pump air into my scrotum
The results where great!!!!
i got it to the size of a grapefruit
It felt amazing
However i noticed then that the air would migrate to my pelvic region and penis
If you tapped it with your fingers it just sounded like a hard hollow bag
i then tied a string around the base of my penis and top of my sac which kept the air in my sac and allowed me to walk around and take pics of my super size scrotum
I then after a few hours removed the string and just let the air migrate and fade away
however the air was uncomftable as it got under my ribs on my right hand side and also in my skin on my pelvic bone
this didnt last for too long and after about 2 days all symptoms were gone
what a rush
would i do it again? YES!!!!
Would i prefer to use saline and a syringe? YES
role on next time
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5 Responses Dec 4, 2010

I routinely do inflations of my scrotum. The feeling is very erotic.

Food-grade nitrous oxide is safer.

<p>Air is dangerous dude. I pumped my **** a few times years ago. For the past six months I have been pumping my balls five times a week for about two hours each session. The feeling is great as the pressure pulls them down into the jar. I also enjoy the way they flop around when I am wearing sweat pants. Given the opportunity I would try saline</p>

PUTTING AIR INTO ANY PART OF YOUR BODY (exect your lunsgs) CAN KILL YOU>!!!!!!!! I'm tring to scare the S*** out of you IF you get air into your blood stream and it gets to your heart....YOU ARE DEAD . GET saline and use NOTHING ELSE.

Not to be recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!