Saline Fill

Recently my mistress (wife)  has gotten a new toy to tease me in chastity.

She's acquired an unused IV with needles.
Tying me down, she's teased me by licking then biting my balls. Asking her to stop, she proceeded to muffle me with her *****. Licking her I feel ice cold, then burning as she washes my balls.

Suddenly I feel her stretch my ball sack as I feel her stab my sack.

I feel ice on my balls, then feel the warmth of her hands, pulling her hands off she says we're aiming for pint today.

Feeling my balls getting colder and heavier, she teases my balls and and says we'll be aiming for 2 quarts before she's going to remove my chastity belt.

at a pint, she stops.

Lets see what happens next week.

My god , I'm waddling and she says we're going to go to 4 times the amount.
I feel like I'm going to **** like a racehorse, and she says I can't go for another hour.

What's it going to be like when she hits the 1 quart mark. Telling me not to move she climbs back onto my face, I love her, but she sure ushes my limits.
shortmanslim shortmanslim
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Would LUV to get a saline inflation. I pumped my **** a few times years ago. For the past six months I have been pumping my balls five times a week for about two hours each session. The feeling is great as the pressure pulls them down into the jar. I also enjoy the way they flop around when I am wearing sweat pants. The balls will stay full much longer than my **** did after pumping. My **** used to hurt and look all deformed when I pumped it. I like to pump my balls before I go to the gym.