I Use Inhalants

I use poppers when I'm having sex, even for ************.  Most of the inhalants are either amyl or butyl nitrate, depending on what's available. They really work because they relax your muscles and give you a head rush, leading you to throw yourself into whatever sex act you're engaged in. Inhalants (poppers) goose your imagination, so they make ************ interesting.

Of course, you can lose your erection pretty easily, but that's not a problem for me.  I'm usually just giving a *******. Not always.  When another guy cornholes me, inhaling poppers is a must in order to relax my sphincter and accomodate a man's hard shaft.  It's also advisable whenever anyone's doing something disgusting like *******, and they need a little push to get going, or when the man you're servicing is gross or ugly.

I used to buy poppers at video stores, but now I've started ordering them online, where I can get a five-pack for about $40. The ones online are more consistent in quality, and when they start to lose strength I can just toss one bottle and go on to the next.  

I wanted to start this group to find out if other people use poppers, too. I'd like to find out when and how you use poppers, and what you get out of it. It's also good to  talk about side effects. BTW, you should never do poppers while taking viagra or cialis.

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Please email me what website u get them from please

This is what I have been looking for ........ I cant find poppers online I just cant find the web sites.... I need a web site for the best ones on the market can anyone help me???? email direct if you can Donny with a 2 then a 0 and 6 and 4 @live.com thanks with anyones help.

You just need to find the brand that suits you best. <br />
The chemicals used as the active ingredient in poppers are known as alkyl nitrites<br />
These can be amyl nitrite or iso-pentyl nitrite, iso-butyl nitrite or iso-propyl nitrite. <br />
Amyl nitrite was the original popper used to treat angina. <br />
Amyl lasts longer than the others but tends to cause more headaches. <br />
Iso-butyl nitrite used to be the main ingredient of Rush and Blueboy and others, but since it was found to cause cancer in rats who had been injected with the stuff, it has been replaced with iso-propyl nitrite, which I think has a less intense effect. <br />
Other alkyl nitrites are used, but they are unusual. <br />
Ethyl chloride (duster) has the same effect. This comes in a spray can.

I have never heard of Ethyl chloride? where can I get this and what are the advantages of taking it this way/ Also where do you spray?
I adore poppers.I am a #1 fan to them.
Get back to me please?

You can find other CHEAP sources of ethyl chloride, BUT MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT CONTAIN METHYL CHLORIDE OR METHYL ALCOHOL, which is very toxic and can kill you.

**** There are long term effects of using any poppers and ethyl chloride, including nerve and brain damage. The high effect of poppers is not only the action of the ingredients, but since it is absorbed in your body much faster than oxygen, your brain and body are deprived of oxygen, causing cells to die.
Also as mentioned by others , it often causes irritation of the lungs creating a cough and soreness in the lungs, easily leading to bronchitis and possibly pneumonia. I am not a medical expert, but have learned this over the years. Heavy users get many of the side effects that "huffers" do. It is something to be very careful of, and actually best avoided.

Actually, ethyl chloride also has been found to cause cancer in test animals. It used to be used in hospitals to disinfect various types of tubing and breathing apparatus, but was discontinued due to its carcinogenic effects.

Dear Louise, ethyl chloride is a chemical that comes in a spray can. Inhaling it gives much of the same effect as poppers. It's also known as "duster". It is used to blow dust off electrical parts. Personally I find the effect to be slightly different. Harder if you like. You have to spray the chemical on some cotton wool and then inhale. Hope this helps xxx

i like rush but i bet its different from some other rush cause that brand name gets ripped off by other makers. have not tried too many others cause i buy local and thats what they carry but you can order online any kind.

What's the best brand to use?? Rush ??Locker Room ??

What's the best brand to use?? Rush ??Locker Room ??

that cotton ball and tube is a great idea. its a pain screewing and unscreewing the cap .i'm gonna friend ya and we can talk about poppers

Sure friend me and lets talk about poppers.They are the best products to help you unwind and get down to serious horny sex.
They offer relief to your inhibitions. If you dream a sex dream, use poppers to really live it.

give me the web address....... donny then 2 and 0 and 6 and 4 @live.com

give me the web address....... donny then 2 and 0 and 6 and 4 @live.com

I love poppers. Makes me so horny and *** so hard! I use a cotton ball and tube to inhale it.

give me the web address....... donny then 2 and 0 and 6 and 4 @live.com

give me the web address....... donny then 2 and 0 and 6 and 4 @live.com