He Was An Idiot

everything was going good when we first got married. we were living with a handicapped friend of ours helping him out for the first year and a half of our marriage. we were then asked to move into my parents home because my mom worked and my now late stepfather had taken ill. we stayed there for about a year and a half when i got a job offer out of town. things went well for the first 6 months. he had turned into someone i didn't know. he became very lazy, hardly worked, and when he did work, i found out he was taking his paychecks to Canada and paying for sex. he would leave the house in my car with a full tank of gas and came home with it on empty and the car not working right. he claimed he was only going out for coffee with his buddies. he would leave between 7 and 8 pm and be pulling back in the driveway about 5:30am when i would be walking out the door for work. i happened to call a mutual friend of mine that ended up spilling the beans to me about his whereabouts and i was able to put the pieces together. once confronted, he admitted all. their are more details to the story, but i wont bore you now.

so we talked and i gave him 6 months to make changes or i was done. after 6 months, we talked again and i gave him another six months. things steady went downhill from there. after that second 6 month time period, i told him we were done and he had to leave. i told him that i had the job, i was paying all the bills and he wasn't contributing in any way, shape, or form, so i shouldn't have to move and he agreed. he thought i was joking at first. i had to give him the complete silence treatment for a week before he got the hint i wasn't joking. he was gone the next day. once he left, i went next door to the party store, bought a fifth of absolute vodka, downed it in less than 10 minutes straight from the bottle, and was happy the rest of the day (and feeling pretty good if i don't say so myself).

within 3 months, i had saved up enough money to afford a divorce attorney. i had a co-worker serve him his papers. 4 months later our divorce was finalized.
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glad you have your life going forward now,,,and not hindered with a bad marriage,,,