Another Story of the Big, Bad City

It happened just last Wednesday. I was on my way home, sitting in a bus, impatiently waiting for the traffic to move.

When I got to my stop where I was supposed to change bus, I got off in a manner I thought was my usual. But I guess I bent a little too far and I felt it. A snap on my spine.

Or what felt like a snap.

A flash went inside my brain and pain I'd only once experienced before (in the much hated dentist chair) shot through my whole body to the tips of my fingers. I, as always, hoped for things to go away and got off the bus.

Thank God the traffic was not too busy at the time. I could've been, at the very least, honked by impatient cars and motorcycles trying to move me along. (Here, in Jakarta, we don't stop at a bus stop. We stop where it is convenient to the bus driver. Middle of the street is nothing strange.)

I stood there and realised I couldn't walk. It was way scary because I knew the place was deserted and my vision had started to fade. What if I passed out and nobody found me?

There were a couple of guys standing about ten meters down the road but I was too seasoned a Jakartan to call out for help. And being the eternal optimist, I still thought I could get away with this. That my vision would come back and the pain would fade.

But those things didn't happen. I could hardly walk and black spots were dominating my vision. I reached a tree and put a hand on it for support. Those two men eventually noticed me and started voicing their concerns. Funny thing is I could still think, hear and process what was going on around me - my mind was very clear. It was everything physical that was messed up.

They came to me and started asking questions. Questions I could hear although I don't think I answered. I stood there for a while, stubbornly thinking I could stand up straight anytime and tell these people thank you but I'm fine.

And then in the end, this guy, who thank God was decisive enough, picked me up and carried me to a house. (Imagine that, all this time I thought all buildings in that area were office complex!) A good thing he did that on time because I passed out during the next minute.

We crossed a pretty big yard and the feel of a sofa against my flat back was like heaven. I was in pain though and sweating like crazy. The gatekeeper of the house told me I was white as sheet, as he helped me to a glass of warm water.

The guy who carried me asked if I would like a lift home. Well, I would but I simply couldn't move at the time! (Which was quite a shame, too, since he was pretty cute, teehee... See, my mind was still pretty clear.)

I lay there feeling scared, not knowing what to do. The thought of calling my sister crossed my mind but she works late and she was ill herself then. All my cousins live across town and I again, thanked God, that one of them turned out able to come and pick me up.

I ended up going to my aunt's place and spent the night there, anticipating my first visit ever to a chiropractor. Which would be another story!

I know that you can't be too careful in this big city but I have never really thought that Jakartans were as bad as portrayed.. and I am grateful I've proven myself right. Those men who came to my rescue, the gatekeeper who sat by me and soothe me through my pain and fright.. you guys are my angels!

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Oh ouch!<br />
<br />
are you ok now?<br />
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I injured my spine when i was 11. i think i have a story about it on here.. i'm not so sure. but it has left me with a curve in my spine (thankfully not noticeable)

LOL.<br />
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It happened twice, huh. Can't be a joy, then. Good luck with your recovery too Paco. It doesn't look like it but hey, it might be. Give it time.

Fortunate for some well mannered people. Sorry for your spine. I have spinal injurise myself and reinjured with new problems from motorcycle accident last may 10 2008. Still trying to get back to where I was but doesn't look like it will go that way. Happy for the good turn out. Was he real good looking? Rhetorical question. Best Regards.

I'm so much better now, LV, thanks! The X rays showed that I rotated my spine, making my right hip bone slightly higher than the other.<br />
<br />
I think I'm going to recommend chiropractor to just about anyone who has back pain now. It's painless and very nice, actually and the recovery is close to miraculous.

I hope everything is fine now, are you feeling better, what did the doctor say?

Hey, lesleegirl, thanks! <br><br />
I was wondering about the sleeping on the side thing. The chiropractor said I need to lie down but some people say I shouldn't lie on my side... when it's one of the few times I feel comfortable.

Now you must know some things that help you in the long term. Wear good tie ups shoes and if they are worn, throw them away.Sleep on your sides. Rt or left as this maintains body position. Exercise to get your back stronger. Loose weight if you are over weight. Wear arch supports if you have flat feet(extremely important).For short term use cold first 1-4 days or so than heat for long term.

Don't worry... you know how I love to talk about myself. Ha.<br />
<br />
I wanted to share a story about my first visit to the chiropractor but I'm still trying to find the time. I'll keep you guys posted!

Still uncomfortable.. Thank goodness today is scheduled for a midterm test so I can sit down most of the time.<br><br />
Even that is tiring. The chiropractor wants me to stay at home and rest (he keeps on going about how he doesn't want to see me standing!) but I hate thinking about my classes' schedule being pushed back.

I hoped with all my heart that it was not serious.. a hope that was dashed altogether when I saw my X ray photos.<br />
<br />
Good thing is the chiropractor said the damage I sustained was phase 1 and it wouldn't take too much time to fix it. Ugh, I hate to think what pain the people in the other phase are suffering from.