Teenage Stupidity

Back in 1996 when I was 19 I went to a ruined castle in england with friends... it was night and we were drinking and saw things that looked paranormal... think its haunted... 

I came back a week later in the day time and was climbing the walls for fun with my cousin, we egged each other on and while about 9m high a stone came away as i pulled myself up on it... I realised I was going to fall and there was nothing I could do to stop it. 

Adrenaline kicks in very fast as everything then moved very slowly in my mind, I pushed myself away from the wall so i did not hit the lower parts, turned around and prepared to roll to break my fall. The falling didnt hurt but the landing still haunts me to this day. I landed on my feet with knees bent, the impact was so hard that I could do nothing to prevent my head from coming all the way down between my knees... then I rolled and started yelling. I wont repeat it but it rhymes with duck duck duck duck !

After a few seconds I realised that while I could feel my feet that I was unable to sit up, my cuz called an ambulance and we waited... it felt like forever... They moved me onto a board and carried me to the ambulance. On the way to hospital I laughed and joked about stopping for a beer on the way. This was a combination of nerves and adrenaline. 

At the hospital I found I had fractured the lumbar area of my spine, I spent the next two weeks in bed in hospital... experiencing bed baths etc I was then given a aluminum brace to be worn when going to the bathroom. I was allowed home when I could climb stairs and spent the next 4 months in bed. I had to resit that year of college and experienced much boredom and pain.

After much physio I was able to start leading a normal life again, I returned to cycling and swimming. I met a girl fell in love and married in 1998. In 1999 I was involved in a minor car crash and sat in the emergency room for 5 hours waiting to be seen, I had a sore neck... finally after an x-ray I was told to lie down and restraints were placed around my neck.. I had to stay overnight, in the morning a bone specialist examined my x-ray. He said the bad news is you have a neck fracture, the good news is its an old injury! 

I was surprised that this was not picked up originally but didnt think about it further as was ok. Then last october 2008 I started getting lots of chest pain, was tested for pleurisy but was negative... sent for x-rays.. but all is ok. The pain continued and got worse they send me for a ct scan... results suggest an mri.. I got referred to a specialist from our local doctor who organised the mri and a bone scan.

The good news is no tumors but I now have 6 prolapsed / protruding discs and 5 narrowed discs. The specialist suggested that operating is not a good Idea as they would have to fuse most of my spine to remedy it... and he said its not nice operations.. so I now await treatment to kill nerves in my spine to prevent pain. He suggests that it was the original accident that caused it.

I am 32 years old and am not expecting to get any better, which is frightening as what will it be like in 10 , 20 years time? I am not here to complain... it was self inflicted, just to share one of my more stupider moments in life and the consequences of this.


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I am sorry that happened to you.

I'm so sorry you have to bear this. We are always foolish when we are young. All we can do is educate and make sure our generation will not do so now. I've never had any back injures and I've never broken a bone as well, which I feel blessed and fortunate to have not done so. I can only pray you can become a bit better. How is your wife now? Keep hanging on in there. Which nerves in the spine will they kill? That sounds so scary, but you seem extremely brave! Kudos!

I have had a similar situation 2 crushed lumbar vertebrae DDD =on 14 levels, sciatica, stenosis, bone spurs and a couple of failed back surgeries. I live on opiates , muscle relaxers , and anti- inflammatory meds. But I would really think about any kind of back surgeries, having had a couple that would cure me , but made it all worse. Get all the opinions you need 2,3,5 whatever it takes It can't be reversed, and from my experience I injured my back the first time over 15 years ago, it does get worse , but keep moving doing what you can .

I was warned during my skydive jumps that landing on feet can have major spinal injuries. When I jump I prefer landing on my buttocks. Gosh hope you feel good soon

Wow! Like EPArsineh said. As teenagers, we think we're untouchable. <br />
The only stupid thing I ever did that bugs me to this day is jumping from one truck to another going down the highway. Now that I think of it later on, I picture myself becoming one with the highway and maybe not being here.<br />
I hope your pain will go away. Looks like a lot of people know what you're going through and have some good answers.

they wanted to do that to me.... think about it though.. don't let them do that.. <br />
<br />
I'm laying here in bed.. I'm in so much pain right now.. this hurts so much to type but I gotta tell you.. just please think about it.. please


probably not eh...

One of my friends has an inversion table and he uses it regularly. I do not know exactly what his back problems are but he was out of work for 4 months becasue of it last yr. He does the table and sees a chiropractor. I would at least look into it. And I wish you the best of everything. And keep sharing that story, you just may prevent somebody from doing something like that in the future. Good luck to you again.

Contact Medtronic's pain management facility at http://www.tamethepain.com they are the world leaders in pain management<br />
I have seen people crushed to two inches wide across the hips and spine have amazing recovery.

Shiatsu treatment hmm never heard of it... will look into that thanks..

How about Shiatsu treatment, healthy foods and keep on writing? I enjoeyd reading your post... so thank you.<br />
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Greetings,<br />

Hey, sorry about your spine injury. I have to agree with Around2 you probably need to stay away from surgery or doctors that want to kill your spine nerves. I also recommend stretching, yoga, and exercises to get your back muscles stronger. And for the pain there's nothing better than medicinal cannabis. Hope I don't get in trouble for suggesting that but it is legal here where I live.

Thanks for sharing this with us. In our teenage years we think we're untouchable, we only sometimes have to pay the price later. I'm glad the injury wasn't worse and that the surgery helps to relieve some of the pain.

Thanks for sharing this with us. In our teenage years we think we're untouchable, we only sometimes have to pay the price later. I'm glad the injury wasn't worse and that the surgery helps to relieve some of the pain.

hmm inversion table thanks? I must look into this... anyone else recommend?

yes I have a bad back also and got the inverson table.
Everytime i use it my back pops like 8 times all the way down it really feels good and can strainthin the muscles when you do upside down situps .Good luck

have you tried an inversion table?...I herniated l5 s1 and l5 l4...lots and lots and lots of stretching and praying and 2 years later I am at 90%....was a long, lonely road....I'd sit in a hot tub, till I was loose, then do some Yoga...then stretch and hit the inversion table every single night..stayed away from surgery.....

My discs are stage 2 (of 3) ... the nerve killing treatment is radiofrequency neurotomy which lasts for 3 - 6 months... then to be repeated... joy !

I had protruding discs, too although according to my chiropractor they weren't so bad. I was at a 'level 1' damage, he said.<br />
<br />
Wow, you had a neck fracture that was undetected and untreated. I think you're lucky to be able to share that here!<br />
<br />
What happens once the nerves in your spine is killed?