I can be a little accident prone and there have been more than one day that I have injured myself but probably the worst I have ever done was done just a few years ago and I am sure some of my friends remember this.

I was playing in the woods as one of my bigger dogs chased me (this was before I got my precious Prince).  I decided to be a wise *** and climb up in a tree beyond the point where he could reach me. I was about halfway up when I lost my footing and fell.  I ended up on the ground with a broken ankle. I hobbled out of the woods and then drove myself to the hospital.  After I spent the day at the hospital I returned home on crutches and in cast.

I start the climb up my stairs to my back door.  I lost my footing with the crutches and down I went.  I broke my tail bone on my skid down the stairs.  To this day I am not certain if my tail bone broke when I fell out if the tree or if it was when I fell from the deck steps but either way it hurt like hell.  I am a klutz often.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
46-50, F
Mar 7, 2010