Thinking about ways to travel.That does not require any visa and fares..yes in dream land. Close my eyes and embark on the journey..from mass convert into a light energy and shoot like a star..going to the middle zone meet others who like me are trying to meet someone with out spending any money ...

We meet virtual friends and exchange pictures ..visit them in dreams and cling to them in thoughts..but how to leave my body..soul goes out and meets the other..and the person I visit..can only see me as a "ghost" flimsy and transparent..but my face is clear..and if possible slowly my entire self is seen like a smoke with perfect outline..but no touching because..that will make me get mixed with the atmosphere and the electricity will give the other person a shock ..we need to work on that aspect of transformation...but yes we can talk and see..I can see...but how to give you a notice before I make my appearance..hmmmm..what if you are not ready for a visitor...then ?
I travelling must get a permission from the location I am visiting...does that sound like a visa?
Perksplayhot Perksplayhot
36-40, F
Sep 8, 2012