Energy Conversation

Mobile see so often and people are talking..yap yap yap..I wonder if all those sounds and transmission if could be converted to energy and used for pumping keep floods in control.
Offices, schools, malls ..every where..there are people talking..if we can convert sound waves into power and make it clean the atmosphere..hmmmm..I think we can clean on daily basis..
If we can absorb all sounds from planet and store in the sphere ,,and turn it low or high..will earth movement get faster or slower...
It must be thought to channel this sound to other resources and make it worth the bills..
hotcrossbun hotcrossbun
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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

That would actually be a cool idea... since we're so hooked on them now... anything that we use to excess should be used for energy purposes... great idea!

yes..anything that we do inexcess must be transformed for useful purpose..