Water Purifier

The water we use is called potable / drinking water. As a resource for fresh water, it is getting scared, due to pollution and consumption.
The idea is to recharge the water table from our daily use. The land area allocated for the construction of any building now requires 25% for ground water recharge as a surface area.
Rainfall is a good source for water collection, but sometimes due to higher level of pollution, this water is not as pure as it was earlier.
How to purify water economically. We need to evaporate and then cool it again, seems simple but requires energy , therefore we need to have a constant force, that can move the water from one container to another with air injecting at a point, that can make it evaporate and cool. The system to have candles made of special paint/solvent that kills bacteria and makes it pure and of good quality.
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

what about drilling holes in the earth- similar to the borewells but not so deep, and let the rain water albeit polluted - seep in to the earth and at at another location - drill a borewell and extract water.

The seeping of the water (ingoing) thru earth - will filter it, as it goes thru the different layers and at the outgoing borewell - check for the quality of the water, If bad then one round of purification. - If good - then it is usable.

Yes. Earth layers of filtering is always present, and it does work well :)