The Invisible Link

How would it be , if there was a series of rooms, each had a perfume injected as you enter your sense of smell is aroused. Then you get a seat and a huge screen in front of you. You are suppose to select the picture, that relates your mind to the aromatic senses..this way you select a picture for a particular smell. Leaving the room, you have to enter a zone where there is a freshner, no smell no odour.. just like a cleansing agent. You forget the smell, then you enter the next room. This takes you to twenty-one rooms of different smells and each one you choose one picture, it can be of a man or a woman.
After, you have selected this gets added to the previous data, of other individuals and a profile is made, to see how many selected the same picture or sex.
The fragrance is related to the type of person selected , the group who selects has to be categorised like age/ background/sex.
Ultimately, those chosen are used as models for promoting the perfume. The matching of fragrance to the looks of the model ;)
Perksplayhot Perksplayhot
36-40, F
Jan 8, 2013