Starter Wife..

Just read an article where the millionaire had married the second time and the first ex-wife advertises herself as a Starter wife.
Now, that's a concept.

Let's talk of a starter car, the first car you buy - you know you will make accidents, dent, and may run into the pole, it will usually be small, compact and low priced etc )

Talk of a Starter Home .. You buy it - make mistakes - building the basements - wrong electrical lines, found that the water seeped - found out the maintenance charges.

but I digress....
Just imagine the Judge looking at the maintenance charges during the proceeding .... and reads the designation 'Starter Wife/Husband' and then says ' well you are a starter - there are mistakes on either side , you get what you buy - so I will reduce the maintenance charges !'
woodland27 woodland27
41-45, M
Jan 12, 2013