I think, we should have windows without any grill or glass..just the openning and the frame. The frame would have pores, and suck in air and use sound waves to make the empty space filled with sound waves encasing. That would protect as safety grill , and no thieves or children can climb out. The sound waves would be invisible and strong. The pores on frame would filter the air passing through the void, both ways. Sort, of air filtering as the breeze pass in and goes out. That way, all windows would be air purifier.
Light would be stored as energy and illiminate the void as night approaches. Imagine all windows as light..soft and warm at night. The sound waves would also act like alarm if intruder wants to attack.
No glass no grill..just a frame and you get free light, safety and best of all..the clear vision...but if you want privacy, it can make the gap more peeping tom ..looking from the other side ;)
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Get a patent!

from where?

From the office of patents and trademarks.

i agree great winds air never enough...........

thank you