Park/golf Course Haunting

a few years ago a small group (of 4) and i decided to go sledding at this golf course/recreation park one winter. It was getting late and there were just a few others sledding having a good time. It was getting pretty dark and by that time our group of five were they only ones out there. We decided just one more slide down the large hills then we would go on our way home, when i heard a noise like something whizzing by me. i looked up and it started out two forms of white mists flying in a circle. i yelled at my group to come on and get out of here, then i saw another white mist joining in...they looked ghostly shaped...almost human form. My group was coming up the hill when i was getting a little more frantic when two more forms joined in. Not only were they going in a circle, they were zig zagging and one whizzed past me again and it felt like a warm mist but felt that it pushed me like a strong wind blows against you. We were all in amazement but also freaking out and running to the van now...almost forgot our sleds, but we got them and ran dragging our sleds seemed as though the van was very far, because those misty figures were following us. We haven't gone back there after dark anymore....but i always wondered if i did, would i experience that again?

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i will have to search but i was recently reading of something similar.. when a demon or entity, or whatever is trying to grab a hold of you, or influence you and you are a believer, it seems to take your ability to banish it away.. " I rebuke you in the name of Jesus." i remember reading that, and multiple stories the person had a hard time speaking as if they were retrained purposely.

your experience seems a bit scarey, but posibly the lighter ones were protecting you of the darker ones. to answer your question, i have have another experience awhile back, this experience was scary enough: i was going to bed, husband worked thirds so i was home alone, i was asleep at first, but i heard a noise in the room, i woke up and looked around...i left a light on in the other room so i was getting a little light just barely, but i saw dark figures...dont know if it was just one big one, or a couple of smaller ones, but i seen it move, then i heard an evil laugh. scared the crap outta me, and my bed started to shake litteraly. i heard a crash, and the church i go to, we believe in calling out Jesus name, problem was i felt my tounge was so think i couldnt get a word edge wise, the bed still shaking it felt like someone had ahold of my tongue....i was finally able to make sounds come out then i said the name Jesus, the shaking stopped and i didn't see any more dark shadows. i said a prayer b4 i went to bed this time and was able to sleep ok.

Interesting story... I myself have seen 2 white misty figured entities.. and two dark shadow demons... i dont know much about them, but it is quite the experience. I was not scared of what i saw (the lighter, white ones) but was with the darker ones.. my experience for all 4 they were watching me and then when i noticed them the stayed a second and dashed off.. not sure what i would have done had i seen them dancing around like you have, would have been cool. Was that your only instance? any others in everyday life?