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i totally think i might be insane, lost my mind, i cant find it.........i give up. :(
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I would suggest you go back to the psychiatrist (not therapist) and see if you need to change your meds to find something that works better. Do you have a diagnosis? Do you mind saying what you are taking? You can tell me privately, if you'd rather.

-thanks myth :) hope so !

I am totally self aware. this is a bit scary cause I can stay up for 24 hours or more and do have lots of energy all the time. I can go days without eating, I sooo think about sex all the time,have some characters in my head, i am always nervous and anxious. I have eating disorder and do think of ending it every day !! - CRAZY !!<br />
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I am on medication now and do see therapist - not helping ! scary stuff.....

The "insane" can be self-aware. They can stay up 24 hours at a time and have plenty of energy to do stuff. They can not eat for long periods of time. They can be interested in sex *all* the time. They can have other characters in their heads. There are times when their brains seem to run faster than normal people's brains, and times when they are nervous and despondent about their lives and the world. The can have co-morbidities like ADHD, alcoholism, drug addiction and eating disorders. They can think about ending it all much more often than most people. People with most or all of these symptoms have a 20% chance of ending up dead of their own hand. If you seriously think there may be a problem, see a psychiatrist. There are drugs that can help. Therapy can help, too.<br />
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The best thing, though, is that if you do get a diagnosis, you get to join a special club that has special support group meetings, and these people are truly *crazy*! It is wonderful! It is like being home, at last. These are my people!

thanks you guys!