Unhappily Married Woman At Times

i have been married almost 3 years. i have 3 children 1of them is my husbands,my husband has 3 kids from previous relationships also, however the problem is i don't like my in laws no of them , so here is the story.(1) my sons birthday he turned 7 last month we can home from hang out , we get out the car walk to the house and look the is his father who was suppose to be at work. walking up the street with the girl around the corner from us . by the way we know her from our old childhood neighborhood. so i asked him are u and her together and where are u coming from he said no, and from work gets in the house and takes  a shower. OK carried on with my son b-day(2) then that nigh he get a call at 3am ask him he don't know the number. (3) then he was a dubi Bobbi pin in his pocket and said he found that at work used it to clip his ear piece to his shirt to listen to music from his cell phone.. (4) then he has 5 hours missing from his pay check and don't wanna go to h.r. about it . (5) he picks me up from work and get a call and say not today and hang up i said who's that he said he don't remember doing that.(6) finally remember i said i hate my in-laws his sister call and fake an emergency he goes there ask me if i wanna go cause he know i am gonna say no , stayed 3 hours no phone call or nothing . what should i do i think he is cheating i wanna end this relationship and move on
eshadrakeford eshadrakeford
1 Response Jun 11, 2010

i hate to be the bringer of bad news, but from what you're saying, it sure sounds enough to convict him as a cheater... i personally hate cheaters, if they do it once, they'll do it twice, and it's not about having had sex with someone else, couldn't give a rats *** about which genitals went where, but it's about the values and promises that are broken. The loyalty, honesty, companionship and trust... things that should never be broken, and if a cheater does break them, this only means, 1. they are just not that into the relationship anymore and are willing to risk it, or 2. they are too weak to have self control.. either way, fact 3 applies for both type of cheaters: if they break those major rules, what keeps them from breaking others? Being abusive, neglecting, careless etc?... anyways, all i'm saying is, sometimes choosing the short lived intensive pain(which might feel like it goes on forever) of breaking it off is better than the slow dragged out insecure, heart aching choice of staying with him! Don't use the kids as an excuse, if you explain to them and try your best to keep the break up civil, they will understand! ;)