Possession .... Help

About 4 days ago in the night while sleeping I had a strange dream. I dreamed I
was being possessed by a dark deity. It wasn't of any real form. It entered into my abdomen. I fought punching and hitting it trying to prevent it but it made no difference. I suddenly awoke in sweat, tears, fearful, and hitting myself in the stomach.Every since I can remember, I could never recall my dreams but this time I remember it and see it so vividly. what happened to me? If it were a dream what does it mean. And why now after all this time and that is the dream I choose to remember.
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

I also believe in the phenomenon of possession.

What you are describing is not uncommon, sometimes one gets choked in the nightmare.

Having had some experience with it and knowing people who had to exorcise people I can recommend the following actions as a very good place to start:

1. Wash yourself and keep your home clean.
2. Keep away from drugs and alcohol (the state of "losing yourself" and "blackouts" are what you want to avoid).
3. eat healthy, a healthy gut is a healthy mind (and a healthy mind helps keep the should healthy). Drugs and alcohol destroy your gut and brain, so you need to rebuild that. (eat Magnesium, Omega 3 fats!)
4. remove any symbols of pagan rituals from your home, car, especially where you sleep. All of them. Period.
5. if you have a nightmare and wake up, say "I seek refuge with God from the cursed satan" and spit 3 times to your left. This dispels the psychological influence of the devils.
6. Devils have no power unless you let them. You let them by destroying yourself psychologically. Self-destructive behaviour is reinforced through an unhealthy lifestyle.
7. Before drinking, eating, going into the toilet and especially going to sleep say "in the name of God".

This is a good place to start. When you run into people who have severe mental issues (hallucinations, manic depressions) look for the following clues (1) unhealthy nutrition, (2) unsanitary habits, (3) tendency to be lonely, (4) talks to oneself, (5) carries pagan symbols (they often don't work at all but sometimes witches do mess about with them, so either the symbols are useless or harmful).

Avoid advice from the Kabbala. More harm than good is found in them.