i was jumped b 18 guys and 2 girls. my friend Adam was with me. he had issues with the people that were their. so it kinda just went by fast because he took the heat he started more ****. the reason that happened was i was 13 years old the guy was 18 with 1 kid and a crazy baby mama and he hung out with 8th graders and 6th he dated a 7th grader at age 19. he went to jail for beating me and forcing sex upon me. him and his brother and their 4 friends beat me for fun. one day i came out the bathroom at his house and one guy pushed me down the stairs and the others were kicking hitting me and punching taking off my shoes and shirt and trying my pants well my savor Adam a different one. he was coming over when he seen my shoe fly out and then listened and heard me screaming. he ran over got them off of me gave me my shoes and walked me to the bathroom to clean up then walked me home a few days later we broke up. i seen my mother she seen the scares the bruises the cuts and freak and thats why he ended up in jail. after that i was bullied for it. and people wanted to fight me. i couldnt fight i didnt want to go to jail like why waste my time to beat your butt and make you cry and bleed and then i go to jail no i'd rather be with my friends and family. for 3 years i was tortured by my classmates in H.S some came around and be came my friends again and some realized the story and he was telling lie other dont care and also some i didnt care for. i was done with drama and bull so i cut alot of people out my life. things still arnt good and it is like 5 years later or so..
BabyMane BabyMane
22-25, F
Aug 18, 2014