"it Happened"

ABOUT A 5-6 YEARS AGO MY LIFE CHANGED! I was married in 2003, I thought this is it, this is love, this wonderful, and I thanked God, and gave him praises for blessing us, my children and I with a man, a father that loves us. I didn't know what this man agenda was, I don't even know when it started but I was happy, then things was getting hard, I put weight on, I was stressing over not enough money, I've been the head of the house for so long, I didn't know how to step  back and let this man take the lead, but I can say today, he coudln't take the lead. I will never forget July. My life just completely changed, I came home from work, I took awhile coming in, I finally walked in my house, and as I was walking in my daughter was running out our bedroom with a blanket around her with just her little training bra on, my other two girls was jumping up saying Momma is home! Momma is home! The normal thing I thought they always did, and as I turn into my bedroom that man I thought was a blessing from God was getting up from the bed, pulling his underwears and pants up on him yelling girls Momma is home, My world STOPPED. He finally pleaded gulity and is serving 25 years in prison, and the irony of the thing is he use to be a prison guard himself for the state. It took awhile to get back on track, I let my middle daughter, he target more stay with a friend, because I just couldn't handle her, and didn't know how to love her, when she didn't want to love me back, she was mad the one man in her life besides her grandfather, I took away her daddy she had a hard time understanding what he did wasn't love, I got involved with church, I found church was a relief for use my middle child has a voice God has given her so much talent, and beauty, my oldest child  is gifted in reading music, and my youngest daughter is a true artist she painted a mural at her school, God has blessed us to overcome pain, we still have hills to climb, but I know there is joy at the end! Mr. Perry's movies and plays are very inspiritional to my daughters, and me.  I believe with God, and watching his play ,I can do bad by Myself , just helped, My songbird is what I call her sings this song by Damita Haddon, It all belongs to you, sounds just like her too! Thank You God. Because, we do get caught up in people and lose focus on the one who made it possible, God bless us with people in our lives, I love the part in one of Mr. Perry's movie or play I can't remember but the person was talking and saying, People come in and out our lives some are for seasons, and some aren't those that are still by our sides hold on to 



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