I Believe In Instinct And I Can Feel If There Is Something Going On Behind My Back.

I had so many experience in the past,. things that I sense when something isn't right. I follow or listen my instinct and somehow it proves me right or true. Is anyone experience the same? Especially being a wife, there are husbands who isn't perfect and say only human who somehow lost thier way, if you know what I mean., I had this experience before. The sad thing is they are you called friend but stabbing behind your back. That experience was unforgettable and so much pain and almost to the point that the marriage is over. This was many year ago., and now feeling is coming back. I had the same feeling again.. and I am not sure whether I will listen to my insticnt or not. But the feeling is constant. What if I am wrong this time?
butterflytattoo butterflytattoo
41-45, F
May 13, 2012