I Plan to Go Through the Whole Site and Add a Bunch to My Profile

Did you know that if you go to the bar near the top and click "Stories" you can see an alphabetical list of all the groups here?  (It's under "Browse Stories.")  You can click on any that interest you, and join them if you like. 

{UPDATE: I did it!  Finished!  There wasn't much with x, y, or z, but w was a doozie.  Took me two days.  Now I can watch for new groups--there's a button for the newest ones somewhere on here too.  I know I missed some new ones, but hey, I'm not going to lose sleep over it.}   

I've been doing that, and now I'm on "L".  I have also almost hit 100 groups.  By now I'm being more selective, but by the time I finish I'll probaby have at least 200 groups. 

I've also found some stories I wanted to comment on... which was my original intention... but racking up the groups is too fun to pass up.  :)

Then I can go around clicking on people and seeing if I have any long-lost twin brothers or sisters on this site.  I'm not expecting it, but it would be interesting to find people who are very similar. 

{UPDATE: I started narrowing down before I got to 200.  There were just too many groups, if I marked all the ones that applied at all. }

After that, I'll go all adult and weed out the groups that I don't really want to follow, that aren't really an important part of who I am, etc.  The kid in me will probably leave a funny one or two... such as the Wilford Brimley one. 

UPDATE: I now have just 35.  A couple are really funny, and the rest are ones I realized I'd want to keep reading new stories in.  Now I can follow them in that recent group activity section of my profile page.  It's like a daily newspaper about only my favorite topics.}


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4 Responses Aug 7, 2007

Precisely what I need to do ... weed em out! Great idea and way to view it - your specific interest newspaper ...

Thanks for the tip.

Hi, TardyDodo--haven't I see you playing around with the mood icons? :)<br />
<br />
Anyway, right now I'm stuck on the "L" groups. All kinds of I Like and I Love groups. I just hope there's not a way to browse all the people too, or my grass won't get cut and my cat won't get played with as much as they should. ... Thanks for the good wishes.

That's quite the impressive endeavour to attempt! Good luck on your journey through the entire EP!