New Beginnings

My life is changing.  I am evolving.  I am becomming something or some'one' I had never imagined before.  My inner changes have been vast, and my outer world is struggling to keep up with this, it seems.  Many of the old protocols, much of my patterned way of dealing with daily life, no longer seems to work for me.  I am striving to live my life in a new way.

I have a vision.  A vision for what I'd like my life to be.  I'm running into great difficulty, however, when I perceive certain things in my current life, my current situation, as an obstacle to this.  I think I'm learning that the true obstacle is coming from within, and not from with'out'.  It is the ways I am relating, getting hung up on my conditioning, that is causing the 'problem', I think.  But I'm working hard to understand this.

Or maybe I should just not try so hard to understand.

In my vision, I see my life flowing in an effortless stream.  I can manage this some of the time, and it seems to be getting a little easier as I go, but then something always seems to appear that blocks the way.  But I'm learning to see these 'blocks' as great opportunities.  If only after the fact. 

Yes, I'm trying to live my life in a new way.  The process has begun, and it seems there's no turning back.

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3 Responses Mar 26, 2009

There is no turning back.

i am on the same journey,and i have discoered no two days are the same.One day you feel like you are on top of things and everything is flowing nicely,then the next day you hit a slump.I believe just as we were conditioned to think in a certain way we now have to recondition ourselves by redoing what reap positive outcomes for us.Even when the going gets tough sometimes we must just keep going.

Once you're eyes open, and life start these changes no matter what you do it will not stop...Follow you're instinct as best as you can.Trust that you are on the right path to you're future.<br />
It is all happening for a lesson.Sometimes we do not know the lesson for a long time.But when we look back we understand why we chose this new path...<br />
Enjoy it. Although , be aware it can come with alot of pain too.