Indian Man 19 And White Man 57 [ South Africa]

My first love was for a white man 38 years my senior.I was in love with him,he taught me everything from eating habits,cooking,shop fitting,travel general knowledge in the gay world.In South Africa interacial relationships was a crime.I was beaten up by the police for having a relationship with a white man.I loved him very much and I used to travel abroad to be together.we used to meet secretely over weekends .The sex was the best I have ever had it was pure love and with alot of affection and care .we had sex anytime of the day or night and in strange places,it was wonderful.sad part is we seperated after we were caught by the police and I left the country to live in Holland,he died 3 years ago at the age of 80 I think he lost hope in life and he ended up being on his own.since then I have met people but have never fallen in love and I sleep on a single bed and wonder about true love and what it means to most of us.the age gap and social backgrounds also is a very strong and a decisive factor in a relationship , we had 101 different issues ,but being in love overcame all of that,he is always on my mind,all I can say to most people is if you love some one, alway say I LOVE YOU.Love is powerful and the test is that when you touch the person you love ,you get an immediate Hard On .Today I live in Cape Town and run my own Guest House,I meet lots of people and I hope most of them are happy and in love.I still love Older Men
Lots of Love
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elviekzn elviekzn
61-65, M
Sep 8, 2012