Asian Wife Pregnant

There is this hot asian chick at my work place. She works as an administrative secretary and is well known as a flirt, particularly with black guys. She has flirted with me once in a while when I go to her with some paperwork, but it hasn't gone beyond that. I recently heard that she had slept with some black stud from the office upstairs, and had recently become pregnant. As far as I remember, she was married, and I think her family is pretty conservative.

It gave me a big erection to imagine that this petite asian chick was taken by a black **** and is now probably carrying a black baby in her. I am going over with some paperwork next week, and I want to see whether she is worried or pleased.
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3 Responses Mar 10, 2012

What we have forgotten is that she's pregnant,now what better vision is there than her conservative husband come home one afternoon to see his wife slowly sinking down cowgirl style,with her rounded tummy,full firm breasts,with tears in her eyes,down onto a huge dripping black ****.......she'll reach out to him as he drops his briefcase,phone and keys,all in slow motion with an instantaneous hard on,mouth agape and with a completely blown mind!!! Dropping to his knees in awe he'll find himself slurping up all her ***** juices and when finally the stud pulls out,her little pink worm will spurt out hot ***** all over his face.......I don't think he'll remain conservative for much longer,do you?!!!!<br />
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My dream is to make an Asian girl or woman pregnant,I'd do anything for this!<br />
Think of the beautiful baby afterwards,her breastfeeding,her wonderful mother's body....aah! bliss!

black men are so potent!I love them. At least she knows she will have a strong, beautiful black baby.

She's probably worried, but I hope instead she is pleased.

Well, I hope she is pleased too. Well, anyway I know the black man pleased her when he ****** her.

yup, I bet she goes back for more too

Tell me about it. I get black **** once or twice a week and still crave for it.