Solar Lights{part One}...&....Sleeping at Keyboard Dream{part Two}


Part One.

Several small solar panels power one dozen lights for me.

Some lights illuminate the inside of  my hut,and others are small spotlights aimed at a difficult part of the path.

A piffling drop in the bucket towards saving the planet...

We must wrest our power back.

*uck the moneymadenergymongers!


Part Two

Get a windmill get a horse get a smile get some peaches

we are gonna need...a lot of things

this is a land whose time has run out

drought famine financial collapse

endless corruptions

before the fall

and time

has run out for us all

~~~~~~~My Brothers~My Sisters~~~~~

The above entry "Part Two" was written in a freeform fashion during a "sleeping at the keyboard" dream..

This is what flowed from my fingers into the keyboard right after my sane sounding  words about solar lights.

I make no claims as to the validity of the wisdom my fingers might possess.







PeaceOnEarth PeaceOnEarth
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6 Responses Sep 29, 2008

Oh BrutMystik..<br />
So nice to see you here.<br />
I visit your blog and you are a poet of great power.<br />
<br />
Many Blessings honored friend.

Peace...Amor et Pax.<br />
Beautiful story...from a conduit soul...

Guys, get a vasectomy. One less unwanted child trumps a lot of all the rest…DD

lespaulmarK<br />
I think the time is now.....

that is something we will all have to do some day,

Good. Love ya peaceonearth.