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I used to suffer from night terror,when I was very young.  I can remember them starting before grade school and steady growing worse untill  5th grade. Dreams of being attack by cats,dogs , monstersand snakes.  The pain I felt was intense, as if I really was being torn apart.  A few times there even blood on mine bed,but I had no injury.                     Mine parents just thought it was just nightmares,there was no infro back then.  Instead of commiting suicide,which I almost did, I learn to wake myself by blowing thru mine lips.This was mine first use of controling mine dreams.                             Over the years, I have learn to calm mine soul. The dreams I experiences has been very pleasent, sometimes spiritual.  Mine past dreams have made me more interested in remembering mine dreams and trying to shape mine them while having them.  I am still new at it.  I tend to wake up when I am realizing I dreaming.  I  AM DREAMING o WOW ! OH CARP I Am AWAKE
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What helps for me is writing down my dream, no matter how little I remember from my dreams, I write them down into keywords like "tree, park, thick trunk, growing fast, sunshine, red dress, chewing gum... just writing it down in short words helps me to remember more and more with time. It's weird but I've also discovered massaging my tummy makes me get more lucid dreams. I've looked up about it, and apparently it also helps to get lucid dreams (which also helps to remember other dreams, I think!!! not sure though) I always get lucid dreams when I have my period because when my tummy hurts, I rub it and massage it before I go to sleep, and always THOSE nights, most of the time, I get lucid dreams LOL Oh well, but serious now. No matter how little you remember, write them down in keywords. And take a look at www.dreammoods.com it's a very interesting website and I think there a couple of things on it with tips on how to remember dreams as well. Good luck!