Internet Dating Ruined My Life

Ok as normal teenagers go through little relationships... well i was in a internet relationship for a year. longest i'd ever been with longer then a closer relationship.. for a year i talked to a guy who lives in south australia. and im in western... both same age, everything in common.. we went out for a year and everythign was fine til my friends found out and kept saying stuf to me each and every single day for months.. saying that i turned into a depressive freak and became more agro at them so they became scared of me... so during that hard time i had hardly any friends to help me... always had to see a shrink... (phsycologist) after the one year anniversary he left me two weeks  after and he broke my heart that bad i almost killed myself from pill overdose.. but never had to go to hospital and all it did to me was made me dizzy, shaky and sick, and i was so drained i fainted, didnt wake up for a day or so, and skipped school... months later still had a broken heart, i felt so lost afterwards... months later like 2 or 3 months he talked to me again askin for me back so i gave him one more chance.. but after a month he wasnt being any better... so i had to end it.. stil hurt the same but had to be done.... and after a few months i found someoen else... which was a friend of mine best friend and so we got together and one night i was babysitting and my internet ex boyfriend texted me askin for me back and promised alot of stuff.. like he'll change and do better to keep me... but i thought about my new boyfriend and he was always there for me... so i said no... then my ex said he wanted to kill himself so the next day at school i was really depressed thinking he will kill himself, so it made me feel bad so i cutted cause i used to cut myself all the time, i love blood... but my new boyfriend made me feel that there was more to life then living in a old memory.. and now its been at least almost ayear... and im more happier with my boyfriend but my ex still lurks around tryin new ways to make me jealous and makes me fall back in love with him sayin he still has feelings for me... and i want to be friends but i cant cause each time i talk to my internet ex my boyfriend and i fight alot so its getting harder.... internet dating had ruined my life

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2 Responses Mar 28, 2008

Honey, you're only 16. There are so many people yet to meet and wonderful things in this life for you to enjoy and experience. Get off the internet for a while, let the life around you stimulate your senses and your mind. An internet relationship is for someone who cannot face the world can if you follow your heart and open your mind - life is it out in the open for all to see and let the world get to know you. Losers use the internet to lure young girls into trouble and now...away...go for what's real and be happy......Peace, love, joy

aww thanks hun... and yea thats me when i dressed up all vampirey >.< and yea i know he wasnt worth it... just first person i'd been in love with.. but now i know he isnt worth my time i was only like 14/15 but now im 16 i kinda matured and stronger than before.. and i know got a long life ahead of me.. but i dont internet date anymore cause found someone whose more closer to me but still far apart but i see him alot... im glad theres someoen else who was like that i felt like a weirdo for acting like i did..