Ghost In The Mirror

I'm useless at interpreting dreams, so could someone here please have a go? Sorry it's long:
So, my dad wanted to buy a house in another city. So, we went to some open homes to have a look around. We found this really cool one that was big and modern. The only weird thing was that when we were walking into the bedroom, I noticed that there was a weird area right after the doorway. The rest of the bedroom was normal, but this weird area looked like it had been untouched for years. Well, when you walked into the room there was a wall straight in front of you and a wall to the left of you. To get to the bedroom you had to walk to the right. On the walls, there were lots of cobwebs and broken old bannisters with mirrors behind them. In the left area, there was a long mirror. In it, we didn’t see ourselves. There was an image of a girl (the one from a movie called ‘The Ring’.) Yep, she had the long black hair covering her face, skin so pale she looked almost green, and a long, tattered, white nightie. In the other mirror was a simple image of a happy looking teenage Asian girl. Usually I’d be extremely creeped out by this, but I thought absolutely nothing of it. Neither did my dad or the real estate agent. So, I went back to my city and heard a few days later that dad had bought the house. I was excited, a few days later I went to stay with him. My mum would be coming down a few nights after me. When I got there, I decided to sleep in the room with the weird mirrors. It was such a nice room! When you went to the right, there was a wardrobe ahead of you, spreading out towards the window. The window was on another wall and had the bed next to it. Then another wall went to the bathroom with was on the fourth wall. **** I am bad at explaining things. Oh well. Anyway, the first and second nights were completely normal (apart from the fact that I got my period overnight and bled all over the sheets.) and I couldn’t care less about the mirrors. Dad went off to work in the mornings and left my brother and I. (My brother was in the first story and I was in the second.) The night my mum came was the night I got scared. It was all completely normal until the third night. My mum and brother slept downstairs, but I have no idea where my dad slept. Anyway, I couldn’t stop thinking about the mirrors. Why were those figures in them? And the weird thing was that I found out only I could see them. No one seemed to believe me much when I told them about the figures. I had my friend over and she couldn’t see anything. And sometimes when I looked at the mirrors, I didn’t see them either. Maybe they had left the mirrors and were roaming the house? By the third night, the teenage Asian girl wasn’t in the mirror anymore, and the other girl had taken both mirrors. I couldn’t shake the feeling that not only I was staying in a haunted house, but it was my room that was haunted. When I was in bed the third night, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was so scared of the creepy mirrors that I had to go and sleep in another bedroom. Trying to ignore the mirrors, I left my room. I went downstairs, more scared than words could describe. (It was dark in the house and I could hardly see a thing, and the girl in the mirrors wouldn’t leave my mind.) There was a corridor of bedrooms and my mum was in one. When I got to the spare one, I decided I couldn’t sleep there because I was far too insecure without all my stuff that I’d left in the upstairs bedroom. No way I was going up there again, in the dark! But no way could I stay in the bedroom all alone. It was an extremely scary dilemma. I’m not sure what happened after that, but in the morning mum washed my bed sheets and for me, and I started packing up my stuff so I could move to the other bedroom. I soon found out that I was actually leaving today. I was SO happy because I felt so uncomfortable in the house! I could hardly believe I had let my dad buy the house, let alone feel completely ok for the first two nights. But now even being in my room, packing up in daylight was scary. Once I’d packed up, I decided to go into the lounge and do research on this weird mirror thing. Information was very hard to find, not surprisingly. Soon enough, I found a page that told me exactly what it was. Well, it was some info and a Youtube video. My dad was seeing the info as well. Apparently the figure in the mirror was a very evil witch spirit. Whoever lived in her house would soon begin feeling like they were being pierced or stabbed. The Youtube video told us very clearly to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE immediately because this girl was very dangerous. Soon enough, our cat, Lucy, seemed to become possessed by something. She jumped onto dad and dug her claws and teeth into dad. I tried pulling her off but she was strong. She did it a few times, but finally dad and I escaped the house. I got to go back to my city, finally! Finally getting out of the sight of the scary girl. I told dad that I was NEVER coming back to the house. Grabbing my laptop case, I got in the car and we drove off to Christchurch. I’m not sure what dad did with the house after that. I woke up. So happy it wasn’t real.
FallenFromTheStars FallenFromTheStars
18-21, F
Sep 21, 2012