Reoccurring Dream In Need Of Interpretation.

The dream takes place in the high school I graduated from last year. I'm frantically wandering the empty hallways trying to think of what class I'm supposed to be in but I just can't remember. Class has already begun so there's nobody around in the halls that I can ask to help me. I'm all alone, I have no idea where I'm supposed to be, I'm becoming later and later by the minute, I'm scared I'm going to get in trouble, my stress level is through the roof, and I'm just freaking out at this point. I see the main office and start running toward it with intentions of asking them to print me a new schedule but by the time I get there, it's just as empty as the hallways. I sit down on some steps and think really hard. Suddenly names just start pouring into my head. These names are ALL the teachers I had over the four years spent at the school. Problem is, I don't know which teachers I have this year, and in which order I'm supposed to be attending their classes. I decide my best bet is to just pick one and hope that it's right. I end up choosing Mr. Quici's 11th grade Honors English class. This could possibly be because I loved that class and teacher very much and subconsciously thought of it as a comfort zone? I don't know, but anyway, back to the dream- I get up off of the stair case and start heading confidently to Mr Quici's room but about half way there things start to change, my surroundings are altered and I don't recognize the hallways anymore. I spend the rest of the dream lost in the unfamiliar school, feeling exactly how I described earlier, and never reaching my destination. Any thoughts?
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Interpretation, "Reoccurring dream"

Disorientation is a part of change and regression is a familiar coping skill for those who are lost without a customary routine. Your dream is a reflection of unpredictable circumstances and the loss of a support system. The future is built upon the past and each experience presents us with a sense of comfort and the knowledge of better things to come. The future holds many unknown opportunities and requires the discomfort of new beginnings.