Dream Interpretation and What It Means to Me.

This particular experience story is going to be somewhat short, as I have a neck cramp and need a break, but.... Dream interpretations are something that I have become interested in since becoming an adult (about 12 years now) I do not do it for other people on a regular basis, nor do I have others try to interpret my dreams regularly. I do however try to interpret my own dreams on a regular basis, it helps me to figure out my subconscious mind as well as try to predict future events that may be in my dreams. I am sumwhat clairvoyant or otherwise what some call a dreamwalker. I have had numerous incidents in the past where dreams of mine have foretold future occurances. I will not brag though and say this is always the case for it is not.  So I definately believe that your dreams have meanings and that you should try to interpret those meanings for they could very well be important to your future or someone else's. I will sometime in the future share my dreamwalking experiances, although I am not going to repeat my dreams here. If you want to read those you will have to go to my dream journal for that is their proper place. I will leave you for now. But I hope everyone continues to have dreams for without them sleep would be a hallow place. Lol

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Help!<br />
Where do I begin? I pray this has nothing to do with me causing to dream this! May God have mercy on me and forgive me! ( I say this if we have any control of dreams) but if we don't then this dream get's more intriguing unto me! This is not the first time I had this dream it's been months since the last time and Yes I was perplexed last time too (but the last time I was not paralyzed).<br />
First, is the setting I can not make out the place (as in where, what state or city or who's bedroom.) nothing familiar with setting.<br />
Second, it was my Ex's daughter! [(Over 10 years no phone or visual contact, Her daughter and I had a hate relationship even though I helped her out of a jamb a few times], (Oh GOD! forgive me!),<br />
the dream fazed in already in progress...<br />
I was in bed in a paralyzed state on a bed seems like curtains blow with a breeze or it was like a blurry/romantic-dreamy scene.<br />
All of a sudden A woman came over from the top of my head and she teased my member to arousal with her lips, (That was all pleasurable until, I figured out it was Lindsey my ex's daughter).then the torture really began because I figured out it was Lindsey, I wanted it to stop but I could not speak or move, mentally I was telling her No!, No! she would not stop! She enjoyed torturing me! I awoke thinking Oh God!<br />
The last dream like I mentioned I was not paralyzed but all I can remember is having had had sex with one another. (No details just astonished to have had such a dream 10 years later!<br />
I remember when my Ex's daughter was blooming to womanhood I did not have any issues with wanting or desiring her, for I was to enthralled/enamoured with her passionate mother. One day she was very blunt when she sat down by me, whilst I smoked a cigarette and she said "If you ever touch my daughter I will kill you! I was like, What?, Where did this come from? I said fine. What did I do with that temptation I imagined having sex with her but it all came to halt when I thought that she was way too under developed breast wise, So, the thought disintegrated. I believe if my ex would have never brought it up I wouold have not have ventured to fantasize.<br />
All this happened before God found me! Lord have mercy!<br />
What does it mean?<br />
Psychic's tarot reader's, Astrologer's need not apply! Seek only dream interpreters (and only dream interpreters)!<br />
Thank you in advance,<br />
Tortured Enough,<br />

that's really cool if you can interpret dreams! i had a really weird one the other day and i'd love to know what it meant (im not hinting that you should help me by the way!) but it must be so cool to know what these totally random things that happen in your dreams mean! how did you learn to do it?