My Dream Tonight

I just thought I'd share my most recent dream that woke me up tonight. I liked it!

I was with my ex-boyfriend at the hospital. We pulled into the hospital parking lot and he took out a blanket and some wine. We walked over to the grass area next to the hospital and sit down on concrete wall. There was a dirty shallow pond to the side of us that had baby goats in it. Punk teenagers were seeing if goats couldn't drown. As we were drinking the wine his male partner in law enforcement was giving him a hand-job and after a while my ex-boyfriend started having sex with me. I told him to stop because my left ovary hurt and it was too painful. He told me okay and that he'd be back in a few minutes, kissed me and walked away. His partner leaned in and started kissing me as soon as my ex was out of sight. I pulled away from him immediately and told my ex what had happened. He got furious and got into a fight with his partner. That was the end of my dream.

This my dream interpretation.

My current relationship is lacking the feel of a real relationship. I miss feeling wanted and my judgment is clouded by marriage and children. I'm trying to do what's best for my husband and son and in turn throwing myself under the bus. Im staying with a man I barely like because I don't want to take responsibility for myself. I'd rather nag at his imperfections than see my own. I'm using him as an accuse not to better myself.

Why I came to that conclusion.

When I was with my ex-boyfriend I constantly felt wanted and loved. He made me want to better myself not because he looked down on me but because I admired him so much and wanted to make him proud of me. I always thought my ex would rescue me and take me back to his town after he visited. My ex was the definition of my better half. This dream was a combo of things and I truly enjoyed every moment I got to spend with my ex, even if it was fantasy.
ChasingPerfection19 ChasingPerfection19
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013