My Very First Time -- Episode I

One aspect of all the erotic goings on we read about in magazines and on websites like this one is that the people who engage in these adventures seem somewhat surreal. Almost as if there is a fantasy race of humans living among us who seem to pull off these antics with ease, with a snap of the fingers so to speak. Oh, how I wanted to jump into the fray, but being basically a nerd, I had absolutely no idea how to begin. Fantasies? Tons of them, but I obviously was not a card-carrying member of this elusive fantasy group.

But I am a persistent nerd, and I finally did manage. I have gathered a few amusing anecdotes throughout the years, and I thought I might share a few of them here.

This is a true story in every fact and detail.

My very first experience with wife sharing occurred after I answered a number of swingers’ ads. There must have been around a dozen or so that I responded to. I knew it was just a numbers game. Most did not respond, but one finally did, and after talking on the telephone a time or two, we agreed to meet. I drove to the address in this small town in Texas (the name purposely excluded, of course, and I promise to explain the reason why in later episode of this story. This much I will tell you though: it involves the town sheriff). Anyway, I get to the place, and it is fabulous!

There is an eight foot high wall completely surrounding the property, affording total privacy. I park the car, and as I open the car door I am met by “K” with whom I had talked over the telephone. We were both in our early thirties, and we hit it off right away. He invited me to the back yard for a drink and to take a dip in the pool. This was mid-August after all, in the vicinity of Houston. I said, “But K, I don’t have any swimming trunks with me, and by your build, yours won’t fit me either.” I am tall and lanky. K is several inches shorter, and more generous around the middle. He said, “That’s no problem at all. Just get into the pool naked.” Since we were alone and the house was empty, I agreed and got undressed. I did not expect what came next.

When he saw my penis, he let out a whistle and said, “My wife “F” is going to love that big black thing!” I had a semi-erection just from the erotic reason for being there in the first place. As soon as he mentioned his wife, I started to get a full erection. I don’t know how many other guys experience this, but when my penis is completely flaccid it measures about 4-1/2 to 5 inches. When it is fully erect, it can double in size and take on three times the girth, depending on how aroused I am. I later learned that this is somewhat unusual. Imagine the ribbing I took back while I was in high school, those shower rooms, “How ya doin’ needle ****?” (if they only knew).

Anyway, K repeated himself as I took a seat in the water, “My wife is really going to enjoy having this. Do you mind?”, and with that, he reached out and took my penis into his hand and started stroking it up and down. Ok, so I’m a nerd. I didn’t know how to process this. That was the very first time another man had touched my penis with erotic intent (as compared to doctors, nurses, etc.). I was on overload. This was my first wife-sharing experience, and here was this guy jacking me off in a swimming pool.

All at once there is the sound of another car in the driveway, and I thought, “Ok. We are having company”. It was K’s wife returning home. He let go of me as she entered the pool area some ten feet away. She said hello, and went into the house. A short while later she returned, still fully dressed and sat at the picnic table next to the pool. K had already briefed me that she would do this, and that that was my cue to go over and introduce myself to her and to chat with her. My nerd-o-meter running at full blast, I did manage to get to my feet, and trudge over to her with my full-blown erection swaying back and forth with each step. Trying my best not to look as nerdy and embarrassed as I was feeling, I made small talk with her, and asked her if my nudity bothered her. Now just what do you suppose she said? Right! Her eyes kept wandering down between my legs every few seconds. She stammered thru the small talk for a few minutes, and just when I thought I had struck out completely, she stood up abruptly and announced, “Well, if I’m going to **** you two guys, we might as well get on with it. K, give me a few minutes, then you two can come on in.” My jaw dropped. Was my nerdism finally about to come to an end? Was it really about to happen?

. . . to be continued . . .

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I think that the majority of people have far less to compare against than many of the people here on E P. Therefore their opinions, ba<x>sed on exactly what they have seen, are drawn sometimes in error. Being white and a bit above average in length and of what many would call medium girth, I grow quite a bit from resting flaccid to almost the same size as hard, but still limp. Depending on my state of arousal there are three distinct sizes. I, too, was somewhat embarrassed in the locker room when I was in school because of the first of the three sizes. I learned later that some guys have two stages which I wish I had back then. Now I could give a crap.

Hi funseeeekrr. Thank you for your comment. I guess I'm the exception that proves the rule, as they say. Some people may not realize it, but I'm being really honest here. No bragging, that would be way too juvenile. I really suffered as an adolescent, and always wished my penis were bigger (my ex-wife certainly didn't!). Now contrast this with two past girlfriends I had. The first one was around 5' 11" and weighed around 190 lbs. She used to say that it would hurt when I would go in too deeply. The other girlfriend (here in Germany where I live) was around 5' 9" and weighed 95 lbs. With her, I couldn't go deep enough. Her smaller fr<x>ame took me with no problem whatsoever. What I am referring to is that the size of the woman or the size of the man, or the skin color has no bearing whatsoever on the size of the genitals.

Hi Chalucha. Please see Episode II for the conclusion to this story. I will be posting more stories in the near future.

lovely story. Would like to read more..