Interracial Anal

I ahve long been into interracial sex. Being milk white, I find the color contrast with a big black man to be intoxicating adn it instantly gets me wet. i have done anal sex before so am not a back door virgin but it has never been my favorite form of sex. I was with this amazing man from south Africa the other night. he was so dark black compared to my pale white that the difference had me very ready for us to finish dinner and get right back to my place.

Once back home we wasted little time in disrobing and I gulped at the sight of his body. he was about 6'4" and broad shouldered and very muscular all over and he had an amazing looking penis that hung down, thick with large foreskin. We kissed and touched an fondled and soon he was going down on me and then he found something in his pocket of his discarded pants and he put his finger up my *** as he was licking me. he had added lubrication and his long finger poked in and out gently and it felt so good. he kept doing it until his tongue made me quiver and squirm and I came in wonderful shudders of pleasure. He pulled his face away and we kissed and i tasted my own juices on his handsome face. He pinned my arms back and I obediently spread my white thighs and almost hyperventilated when he jammed the thick head of his large bone to my wet slit and it pushed in and he thrust harder and he had a great deal of his 10 inch tree trunk thick **** inside me. I writhed and twisted and moaned as the massive tool pounded into my soft body. i felt my eyes roll around in my head as my whole body shuddered on each hard thrust. we were both sweating from the heat in my apartment and our own sexual exertions. His face was a masks of intensity as he thrust between my pale legs. My poor little ***** felt like it was being split, the labia all pushed in on each other on each savage thrust from the black bone.

As i was building to a wonderful climax he suddenlty pulled out, the sound amazing as his thick shaft pulled abruptly out of my pink *****. i felt a void and craved it's return but he laughed and hoisted my feet up onto his broad shoulders, my small white feet dangling by his head. i felt sweat run from under my arms and breasts and I saw beads of sweat all over his ebony black skin. My labia were open and i was twitching in disappointment and desire and then he was shoving fingerfuls of lube into my tight anus. the little puckered hole was opened and he smeared the jelly like substance all over the rim and deep inside. then he took a huge glob of the stuff and smeared it all over his **** head and top of the shaft. I gaped in shock and saw his large black balls hanging heavy, sweat dripping off of them and i said "no, no baby, not're too big!" But he just laughed and put his finger to my lips telling me to be quiet. he squeezed my snow white bosom, tugging on the already erect pink nipples, leaving red fingerprints on the white flesh and then he proceeded to push his enormous tool at my rear door. My little feet kicked out uselessly and i screamed out loud as the big head, the foreskin sliding back, pushed inside and i marvelled at the sight of this coal black shaft pushing into my super tight white ***.

the pain was incredible and i grunted and cried out continually, mixing moans with screams of intense pain. I thought for sure that I would be torn in half...such an incredible intense pain as he laughed and forced as much of his shaft into me as he could.....and then something wonderful happened. the ;pain never sibsided, not really but I also started responding...the visual sight of my legs high in the air, my ***** and *** so exposed and submissive to this large, broad muscular black man was too much for my senses and watching that thick trunk pound into my snow white rump over and over made me squeal now in delight and the pressure in my greased back chute started to feel wonderful. he started saying strong sexual comments about ******* my white *** with his big black bone and i was grunting back to please NOT STOP...I reached down and as sson as I touched my clitoris i came in squeals of delight and i kept on orgasming until he roared and erupted inside my back door and then his huge shaft plopped out, his issue clinging to his foreskin and coating the stretched rim of my *******. My *** was opened in a large circular O shape as his ***** leaked out. for the next two days i was in intense pain and walked bent over but now i find that I crave anal sex...and i never thought i would say that!
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It's always going to be better with a black man.

Oh yes the joys of anal sex, I love taking my wife's rosebud, but I'm longing for the day that I can watch her being taken by a BBC

Great story...well related! Thanks.
UK couple.

You are glad now ,huh.

Oh you wonderful black **** *****, your story has my **** leaking precum picturing you impaled on that massive black ****. I luv interracial sex.

Great stuff!

Sounds like a shitload of fun!


Martika xx

Awesome HOT story.....thanks for sharing.

Really sweet story u sound luvly

Thanks for your sweet was truly an experience and just watching myself with a black guy makes me wild!!!

what an awesome expereice for you, just as it should be taken so wonderfully , i'd love this....

Mail / msn ...
Mail/ msg me

pick me please i want that , i'm too milky white craving a very dark big man,,you lucky girl

My wife's last two boyfriends have been (still are) Black and very well hung :-)<br />
She did agree to experiment with anal with her last one and discussed it with him, which was very hot for me, cucky. So I'm hoping that I will get to see some of your pics :-)<br />
That helps me visualise my wife with her black lovers and which I've yet not got to see **** her........

I definitely rest up my little arse and tend to not indulge in anal sex too often. I find it really painful if not enough lubrication is used...but if the guy is patient and I've 'prepped" myself can be a delight!

How beautiful. I hope you rest your sweet arse to let it tighten up again?

Prep work and well lubed are very important for anal. I'm a baby about pain, too and haven't done anal all that much. this experience was very special but I've had guys who were rough and didn't care about proper lubing and then it is all about the pain. for me it was being able to get into it slowly and get used to the presence and pressure and once I was past that initial "popping" pain it became wonderful.

I am soaking wet now...dam...can i have his number???<br />
great story

its ok creamy i would stick my tongue up your *** to get you wet for him!!!!!!

if u want a real sexy black ****??? check out my album...i added some pics of my ****...then tell me...with love and kisses

Wish I'd been there to lick your ***** as he filled your anus!

it got my **** soooo hard

Glad you had a great time. Means that you'll likely go back for more. You need to get two guys though so that one can rock your *** while the other one is putting a baby in your belly.

It's all about the woman your with,the power is when she is ******* . Make her world rock and you will reap the rewards.

borock.....I added you and thanks so very much for your very nice comments on my writing!


Thank you all for your sweet comments to my story. it was a very enjoyable experience and i loved writing about it and all of your great comments made me so happy I shared. story creamy--thank you so much for sharing!

The fastest way to lubricate that tight orifice is to whisper into her ear about what you'd like to do,then when she's ready you'll feel her anus lubricating all by itself.I have seen anuses bubble with juices to my utter surprise! <br />
Then entry is slow but firm as I continue lubricating her mind with appetising words,who needs lube?

mmmmm, nice!

Creamy: You like to contrast... try olive and white. My olive/tan color will make a nice contrast with your milky white... We should try it.

creamy22,<br />
The true pleasure is that when you try and tell a story to friends or one friend about what happened in a sexual encounter,it just doesn't sound credible,seems to be like a long tale,but when you actually put it down in words the magis of the moment is engraved into our minds.<br />
So the written word has more power,gives us time to gather our thoughts aswel as our rumpled clothes strewn around the room! <br />
And some of the things you say are music to my ears as I've never really thought about the difference of skin as I was always busy getting into minds and heads,unravelling emotions,nice to be loved for the colour and texture of my skin,aswel as my eternal libido!<br />
<br />
Wet kisses to you creamy22