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Wife Addicted To Black ******

I am 42 and my wife is 45. This is actually a long story but I am going to be brief just and hit a few relevant highlights so this does not turn into a novel.

I met my wife when I was 20, she was 23 and already divorced from a violent type relationship. I was always a tough guy and apparently my lack of fear of her ex husband was attractive to her so I was able to date a woman somewhat out of my league as you might say. During this time I was able to straighten out her situation with him through some table turning. There is nothing sadder then a guy that hits and intimidates a pretty young lady. I am not going to get into that story as that is not the point here but I was now her knight in shinning armor. After a few years of total dating bliss we were married and the usual steps of life sort of took over and we focused on careers then a home and then children.

Fast forward… about 10 years ago while talking about sexual fantasies she started to tell one in a drunken moment that she then stopped and refused to expand on. At the time all I knew is that it had to do with a dance instructor and the many fantasies he had brought about on her from age 13 and up. Several weeks of me pressing without being a jerk she finally revealed that he was a black man and he would instruct ballet wearing tights. She says looking back on it she knows now that he was very gay but at the time she did not realized this. My wife grew up ************ and fantasizing about his large noticeable penis with major conflict from her strict catholic upbringing. As you may be guessing my wife has many black man fantasies from mild to wild and because I didn’t freak at the admissions she has grown to share them with me intimately.

Fast forward again… About five years ago I was actually able to get her into an adult store where we looked around, she clearly had color in her cheeks if you know what I mean but I asked her if she liked anything and she gasped yes but wanted to get out of the store for some reason. After a while in the car I talked her into just going in and quickly getting a toy, buying and leaving. Well to my amazement my pretty little wife had purchased a large actually very large black *****.

The past 5 years have revolved around her sexual fantasies and my perverse amazement by it. My wife loves me ******* off to her. Loves me watching her use her big black toys and loves dressing sexy for me. She also loves having me take pics of her being naughty and gets excited knowing I ********** to her.

Not sure why I felt the need to explain this maybe its wondering how unique this may be. Yes I know many men want to share their wife and I know what a cuckold is and I know what a hot-wife is but neither one of us push for fantasies to be real so until she states she wants to make it reality this is what it is. Maybe I should make up a word for it and it can become a common thing. I am curious though, as to anyone else with anything similar to this? past or present? I would love to hear about it.
enchantedguy enchantedguy 41-45, M 2 Responses May 16, 2011

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we (fiance and I) love playing with ******, not especially black ones but big ones none the less, we dont get into to sharing with others too much all though it is a turn on for me at times...anyway wanted to say that we like your stories and are very much into simialr activities, so yes there should be a "category" for the activities we all enjoy so much...