This Black Girls First White Boy (omg!)!

- I was at home from school just for the weekend. I was bored so I went to see "Good Deeds". I was standing in the lobby waiting for it to start & I saw a guy I went to high school w/ named Michael.

He's yur hollister/abercrombie, big house in the suburbs, rich father, snotty, spoiled, white kid.
he has dark brown hair, big green eyes, freckles that go over the bridge of his nose, & kinda pointy ears. he's about 6'0 & a very nice body, he plays football for MAJOR college in our state (al).

(im 5'0, chocolate skin, F size boobs, "donkey booty", all natural hair (no perm), people say I have an "hourglass shape" (i guess) )

i knew of him since kindergarten, we were in always in same clubs, we lived in the same neighborhood & our fathers work together (oooh, imagine that!). I hadn't seen him in a while so i decided to speak. I walked up to him & spoke, he turned, looked me up & down in shock, & gave me a big hug (i lost 50lbs since he last saw me). we sat down & did a little catching up. we exchanged #'s & said parted ways.

we started texting everyday talking about everything. 2 wks after 1st meeting he said he was going to be in my area the next day & wanted to kick it. I was surprised he wanted to kick it with ME! the next day we met to eat. (i made sure to wear something nice & form fitted to show off my body.)

when I got to the resturant he gave me a hug & pulled out my chair. while we ate he made me laugh the whole time. before we knew it we were there over 2hrs. we left the resturant & decided to walk around the campus. (people stared at us very CRAZY) it was kind of chilly outside so about 30 mins. later we made our way back to the resturant & sat in my car. I wasnt ready to be away from him & I guess he felt the same way bc somehow we ended up deciding to go back to my apt.

when we got there we sat on my couch & turned on the tv. he told me to scoot close to him. as I scooted over he grabbed me by the waist, sat me on his lap, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders & we immediately started kissing. (OMG! when his lips touched mine, its like the world stopped for a min!) his hands started roaming up leg to my thighs making me 2 hot. I moved one leg to the other side of him & straddled him. I started kissing/licking his neck & playing with his ears. He was squeezing my a**, his hands moved up my back, under my shirt & he lefted it off. I pulled his off too. He started rubbing my t*ts, pulled my bra down & started sucking my nipple. then he unsnapped my jeans, I stood up, kicked them off & restraddled him. he started kissing my neck, sucking t*ts & rubbing my p*ssy thru my panties then he moved my them to side & started rubbing cl*t. it felt soo good, I dug my nails in the side of his neck & moaned. he stuck his finger in me, I could hear the sloshing noise while he thrusted. he told me to get on my hands & knees so I did on the ottoman. he pulled undies off, started fingering my *****, kissing my a*s then spread my butt cheeks & started licking/sucking my a*s. i SCREAMED!!! (i know the neighbors heard me) I looked under me & saw my p*ssy was dripping (ONE BRAND NEW COUCH SET!) my knees & my elbows started to shake, b4 I collapsed he turned me over & ate my p*ssy. he picked me up & I showed him where my room was.

he put me down in front of him. I loosened his belt, unziped his pants & he pulled them off completely. I rubbed his d*ck thru his boxers & felt it was hard. I pulled them down & . . . . . .!

stereotyping is wrong & almost never true. it's been a stereotype that white men have small, skinny, penises. that maybe true for some but not all ESPECIALLY this one! bible, he had to at least 10.5 inches & VERY thick! so lets make an effort to stop the stereotyping.

. . . .I guess he saw the shocked look on my face, he giggled. while I massaged his sack, I tried to take as much as I could in my mouth he was as far down my throat as I could get him & that wasnt even 1/2 his d*ck. I LOVED the way his big pulsating c*ck felt & tasted in my mouth & I liked seeing his toes curl.

after quite a while, my jaws were sore, I was covered in drool & my throat felt slimy. he pulled a box of 3 condoms out of his pocket (the good kind) & rolled one on. he laid on top of me started kissing me so slow & softly. he stroked me with his c*ck b4 he shoved it in. imediately I felt a kinda weird electric shock got thru me. as he pounded me he said some things to me, I just said "yeahhh" bc I was feeling kind of disoriented. I felt my p*ssy contracting & pulsating around his c*ck as moved & twisted my legs every-which-a-way. he stopped for a min & we layed there hugging, it felt so good to have him in my arms & feel his big strong rough arms around me. then he flipped us over I was on top, I straddled him & put him inside & grinded back & fourth. I leaned forward & bounced my a*s up & down. then I got off, got on all fours, & he started licking my everything from behind paying special attention to my a*s. he freakin' did the "motorboat" btw my a*s, I screamed & laughed it tickled & felt orgasmic. he slapped my it a few times, then entered my p*ssy, gripped my waist, started pounding aganist me & rubbing my cl*t. I gave out & layed flat on the bed. he layed on top of me & continued. I was gripping the covers & biting the pillows. the whole time he was talking in my ear telling me how good my p*ssy was, asked me if I liked his white ****.

he got off me, I turned over & sat up, he took off his condom (which was full of c*m), moved close to my face & started ******* off. I sucked on his c*ck for a few seconds until he pulled out & totally covered my face, some of my hair, & filled my mouth. it was SOOO hot, like in temperature. he layed down & i spit in the garbage next to my bed & whipped off with a blanket. I rolled over next to him & quickly fell asleep...i woke up. he was still there in my bed watching tv & EATING FRIED CHICKEN WINGS ON MY BRAND NEW BED SET but he shared, so its cool ;) we chilled for a while & he got dressed and I walked him to the door, he gave me a long kiss & left. I wish he had stayed the night :( I went back to bed, we texted until i fell asleep. the next day I was SO sore all over & my knees were still kind of quivery.

I thought him being white he wouldn't be able to "handle all this" but he did & did it well. I dare to say i've caught feelings for him.

we still talk everyday, we're suppose to be hanging out this weekend ;)

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Omg that sex is so intensive

Amazing! Story of my life


Ah, you are so lucky. Love white dudes. Hope you guys continue to get along well :3

I love white guys



My bf is white and im black and he filled me out better than any black man could have

Awesome story. My story was similar only it started in high school and she became my wife. I say go for it you may spend your lives together as I did.

You go girl! Sounds very similar to my story lol

I so love white men with big ***** esp when you're watching it enter the dark *****. It looks perfect.


omg giiiiirl you made me so hot dam i wish that was me

That's a hot ******* story ;)

great story! im also in the same boat like many of the black women here. im soooooo attracted to white guys. I really don't know why. there is something very sexy about the contrast, esp during sex, lol and I want 1 so bad. thanks for posting!


I am currently dating a white guy and I hate those stereotypes that white guys are "little" my boyfriend isn't and I actually prefer white guys and I hate when I am being judged about it and in my opinion u can love who u want:) great story btw!

My fix on them started on 2nd grade; only in 2000 I went white and saw the light. I never went back black, they pushed me into my multi-orgasmic phase, sweet 4 you :)

he should **** your ***** hole harder

Great story !! I am Dominican but look African American && I LOVE white boys .. I've always been attracted to them but I don't exactly know how to approach them or act when talking to one because of stereo types && racism :(

I wish I was him the details u gave me made me picture u when I red it and I pictured u as a cut girl

A fantastic story. Well written. Well conceived. A great piece of interracial fiction.

Fiction???? No sir, it really happened.

GREAT STORY! I'm a bit late but can you post more story about you and Mickael? :)

You were very fortunate indeed to encounter a fantasy **** like that; less than 1 percent of men have a **** anything like that size.

This by far is the best story I've read on this site!!!

Dam thats sound great i love black girls i wont so bad to be in a relation ship with 1

What did he say to u

I have a question do u see the movie or did u skip it

I saw the movie, we didn't have sex until days later.

o ok well ur still lucky

Lucky boy and lucky girl

if u know what i mean

the black girl shuld have had been dominating


woow very hot very lucky guy sounds very fun to me i love eating a girls *** and ***** ( sorry just had to add lol)

I loved it...
And white guys do have BIG D*%ks...
A+...... Lol

i loved it...

OMG!, Awesome story...

I've always been more attracted to white men than black. I don't know why. People tell me that I'm a traitor but oh well. This story made me want to get with a white man more

Awesome story, liked it a lot. Yes stop the stereotyping, black girls are surprised that its not true. White guys like black girl, not sure what it is but they're so much better

love your "stop stereotyping" PSA -- a nice touch in this hot telling. hope he satisfies you often! thanks for writing this for us to read, it's very ... um ... inspirational ;)

Girl lol that's just too hot mm k lol. I've always been attracted to white dudes- I havn't had experience like that "yet' lol

I always wanted to have that sort of time with a lovely black girl like you. Just wondering, did you take his **** in your *** at any time?

Thank you for sharing...sounds like you both enjoyed very much!

I am so happy you like white men,and feel that its wrong to stereotype men. We are all a part of the human race.I really have had some great fun with black women.

Sexy story and it's great you added the stereotyping message. It's always wrong, and keeps us apart, no matter who we are.<br />
You, btw, sound extremely attractive.

youre most def right. there's only one race &amp; that's the human race..

I went white and saw the light :)

lol. i know that's right, white men are the right men..

Thank you for a great story. I wish I were in his place :)

Thank you for a great story. I wish I were in his place :)

Wow! This is super hot and it gave me flash backs to my first white guy I was with. It was amazing! Yes, the whole sterotype is so not true! Needless to say...I married the guy. Its been awesome ever since! I hope ya'll get to be alone again...and please post about it. The story was great! :)

WoW, just WoW. Thanks for sharing. Maybe one day soon (after surgery) that will get to be me, all quivery and sore the next day. =O Here's to hoping.

im glad you liked it mama. I pray whatever surgery youre getting goes well &amp; I hope you find a big, sexy white boy to rock your world too.

good luck,


very hot story

Such a hot read

thanks for sharing! that was a hot story to read.

Wow...all of it. Just wow! Lucky guy...and lucky girl from the sound of it. Hope you get a repeat! Thanks for sharing!

Did you get to hang out this weekend? If so, did it go well for you?

- we did but we were in a group :(
we didn't get to be alone..