Asian Guy And A White Girl

Being Asian guy, I was very much different both in size and up bringing.

but growing up overseas and spending my time among different ethnicities and communities, sort of changes me into what people called a banana.

Long story short, I never really think about the different look when I dated girls, the main thing is always about personality, and if she had that sense of humour that would be a plus.

So I met Shannon, this girl is as white as you can think of, but she didnt mind dating outside the normal scene.

We had a great time, for the next a year and half, the sex is unbelivable.

We enjoy caressing each other body and giving each other pleasure.

there were time when we took photo's during the intercourse and print it black and white, just to show the contrast and the end result is very artistic.

Im hooked for Interacial Sex.

4214nz 4214nz
26-30, M
Jan 13, 2013