My First Interracial Exprience

I'm 26 years old and have recently divorced after 7 years of marriage.  i am from a very small town high in the mountains and lost both parents to an accident and married a guy when I was 18, he was 24.  turns out he was likely gay and only married me as a cover.  we barely consumated our marriage in 7 years...had sex maybe 4 times.  he used to beat me and he hit me much more than he ****** me.


I finally got away about a year or so ago and moved to a larger town, with about 100,000 population.  Quite a change for me.  I have always been attracted to dark black men but in my small town there weren't any so i only knew my husband and, as I said, we'd only done it about 4 times so i was very inexperienced.  He was a white guy and not well endowed and not interested in me in "that" way.  Since I've moved I find that men do find me attractive.  I'm 5'5', with very creamy white milky skin.  I have dark brown hair and i've been told I'm pretty.  I weigh about 140 so I could lose my "love" handles and my thighs and bum are kinda big but men have complimented me.  I must admit that I do have nice, rounded breasts with pink nipples.

I heard a bout a club in Seattle that played African music so I went down one night about a month ago.  A few guys approached me and one guy was quite tall and very dark.  He was from Cameroon in africa and spoke with a strong accent.  We had a couple of drinks and he moved close to me and rubbed my leg as we talked and i didn't stop him.  He kept staring at my cleavage and i was getting really turned on. 

When he suggested going somewhere quieter I agreed and we each took our cars and he went to a small beat up looking motel.  That was fine as I knew what i wanted after years of sexual abstinence and frustration.  Once in the room he quickly started kissing me and we got on the bed and wrestled with our clothes.  I'd never been picked up in a bar and done this but i was so eager for this.  He was gorgeous.  About 6'4" and broad all over.  Very muscular and ebony black...I thought he was just beautiful.  His hand slid under my skirt and he tugged at my flimsy panties.  I saw him grin when he felt that I was wet already.  He stared down at my creamy white body and told me i was so beautiful and i saw lust in his eyes.  He struggled with his pants and OMG, his **** was so big and thick!  Must have been at least 10" long and thick!  He yelped happily when i touched looked so good in my small white hand.  I was wondering if he'd go down on me but he rolled on top, urging my thick creamy thighs apart.  I looked down as he mounted me hungrily and I watched as the large, bulbous head poked between my short cropped brown bush and in between my pink labia.  i cried out in a mix of passion and pain as he entered me and drove in hurt so bad, I'd only had a 4 inch **** in me and not for several years....I felt like a virgin.  But the sight drove me wild.  i am so attracted to the color contrast...watching that coal black pole push into my snow white body drove me absolutely wild and i groaned and grunted on each and every thrust.  He came fast and hot but stayed hard and kept going and the whole thing lasted about 12 minutes and he came deep inside me twice.

I hadn't even thought about birth control or anything so i really took a chance.  We lay panting together and he played with my body and i rubbed his strong chest and arms.  I loved watching his dark hands all over my white flesh, kneading and squeezing the soft skin.  after about a half hour of that wonderful touching he got hard again and he roughly pulled me into doggie style position and it felt delicious to be on my hands and knees, my face buried in the bed covers and my big snow white *** high in the air.  He spanked me playfully a few times making me yelp and then he gripped my love handles and hunched up behind me and I felt his hard bone rub up and down my slit over and over before he buried the bone as deep as he could making me exhale loudly and groan.  He ****** me so hard that way, just taking me and taking me.  In that position his **** kept rubbing my little pink clitoris and I had multiple ******* that made me squeal.  I was so wet!  and he gave me a third super hot load and i felt some of his **** slide out when he pulled his softening **** out.  he kissed me and got dressed and he said he had to go.  I asked him if he was married and he nervously said he was so all i got was his first name and no phone number but the sex was out of this world.  I walked stiffly for two days, he was so big and I was so NOT used to his length and girth.

I haven't gone back to the club but i will....I've gone on the pill and i can't wait to hook up with another dark black man...i can't get over the color just turns me on so much!





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I also recently had my 1st interracial sex. Im 45 white from the south. Never would of thought. Ive found myself watching ebony **** last few years. Was at the mall when out of nowhere a black. woman asked if id ever been with a black woman. I said no, she asked would i, i said sure its all pink inside. She took me by the hand led me down service hallway, dropped to her knees and gave me an incredible blow job, she stood up and said you aint done yet, she lifted her squirt revealling she wasnt wearing panties, she lay back on a table pulled me forward and oh my what a ride. She got on top of me and did moves white people cant do. She was shaved bare, awesome ****, smelled good, tasted better, and let me *** inside her over and over. Ive got her number, next step is to bring her home for the wife to have a go.

Great real story. Best to you. The color contrast is but one of the turn-ons of interracial sex. As they say "Once you go black, you'll never go back" it is true and welcome to the lifestyle. ENJOY all that there is.

The color contrast turns me on too. I loved it when my white-as-a-sheet former wife would pick up the darkest skinned black guys she could find, bring them home, and **** them in our marital bed. From several years of observation, I can tell you that most of these guys were really well hung (none had a small ****) and all of them were incredibly skilled at *******. While the old saying "once you go black, you never come back" may be a bit of an exaggeration, it certainly was true in the case of my ex and I have a feeling it will be true for you as well. sorry to bore you.

Oh brother. Yawn.

Why does it seem so odd to you???

Well this tops it for me! lol The color contrast turns you on? Sorry but that just seems odd!<br />
Oh well enjoy!

hey Jimmy, we are in the same area. i'm about 55 miles from fort drum. i'd love to compare stories!

Yea there isn't anything hotter unless its multiple black guys with the husband watching that is the hottest ever love to see my lady open up and act like a slt she is so hot a love to sit back watch and listen buy she liked Mr more involved took Mr three tests to get het Rico it

Over the past several years, I have enjoyed nine different black lovers. Two of them are frequent repeaters, but I don't rule out number ten should I meet one that I fancy. Live in Oregon, but a couple have made the trip from Seattle and went home fully satisfied. I hope you have learned to suck on those wonderful thick, long shafts. They just LOVE a pretty white girl who will suck the juice from them.

Mmm thats why weve turned black ! Plenty of it and staying power !

Seattle girl....maybe I should come up there and bang your walls out a bit. I don't do bareback but I can give you the rocking you need. I especially like pounding thick broads. I could pound that ***** from the back for an hour non stop and make you *** hella times.

Have a friend with about a 12 inch black ****. He has more white girlfriends than anyone I have ever seen. F..ks a different one every night. We have gotten 6 of them together and they want to have a group **** with just black guy's. Surorisingly we can't find the guy's. Come southern MD black guys it is here just waiting. Email:

Thank you for your remarks and I am glad you got a kick out of them. They were meant to somewhat entertaining as I laid it all out in the black and white truth of the known facts. (grins)

Fun-*******-Climbing a tree. As long as you are enjoying yourself that is why we are here on Earth. To have fun-Enjoy-Follow Your Bliss. As long as that is the case it will go just fine.

Hi Nitehowl...your comments made me LOL....yeah, going to those clubs a white chick like me is looking to get picked up and most of the men there are looking to i did and i do, about every time i think LOL. i know i'mmwicked but i am having soooooo much fun. :)

About the girl who said she scored at the black club. Are you kidding? Of course you are going to score. Let me know if you ever go and not score. The club would have to empty for that to happen. For that matter, you COULD look around and pick your target and then see if you score on that one. There is a very small possibility you might not if he is there with a girlfriend or wife and even that might not matter. White girls are always a target in clubs along those lines. Mark my words. Try not scoring and see if you can pull that off, like you would want to.<br />
<br />
You could wear almost a gunny sack and get picked up anyway. Really, it is true. Test it if you doubt it.

A beautiful baby to love and raise. You and yours be safe and well always.

Hi susieslut and Josie06...thanks so much for your kind comments. I am really, REALLY into dark black men...they just drive me wild. since I wrote that story I've had a baby out of wedlock to my lover from Sierra Leone. he's gone back home and we were never really a couple. so I just had a half black kid about 2 months ago and recently posted a story about my first time after delivering naturally...quite painful but great, too. and my baby is a beautiful boy and nursing him still turns me even though i hav to do it like, all the time LOL. i hope you'll write to me at creamy 22 on this site. thx again.

Oh, wonderful. I too like black men ... a lot.<br />
<br />
The color contrast, the man .... definitely wonderful.

Sounds like you picked a great stud to start with Babe

Damn! Hot story!!! Hope you'll post many more as I surely enjoy them!

Hi jd,<br />
<br />
thanks for your comments, email me at creamy22 and we can chat. I adore interracial sex and can't get enough. Just watching and feeling those hands all over my body and watching those black poles entering me so forcefully. Made me swoon!

Like to hear more from you creamy22. Nice story.

Hi OreWinelvr,<br />
<br />
thanks for the comments. i absolutley adore having sex with black men. the color contrast drives me wild. R U into that too? I'm creamy22, hope to hear from you.

Hi Monika, Thanks for your comments Mmm so you like the same thing as Creamy and I hope you get plenty of action X Bellerophon

sexy story, thank you for sharing.

Hi monika!<br />
<br />
thanks for your comment....just can't get enough of stories about black guys doing white girls. suc a magnificient turn on! Shoot me a message...I'm creamy22 and that's my story. and it was totally true and fantastic.

Hi Creamy, thanks for your comments, Its nice to find someone whos into the same thing as i am, I dont want a regular Black boyfriend and all that goes with it. Have to be very careful as Ilive in a mainly white community and have to go into the City to make contact with a guy. Do you make an extra effort when you go on "The Prowl" ? I must admit I feel nice having someone who understands our needs and desires x

Jiminny, almost forgot. I'm not scared of having a child that was half black. if i ever do have children i'm sure the father will be black. i just meant I didn't feel ready at that time but yeah, i've thought of it and probably will some day.