The Essence Of Interracial Dating

To put it bluntly, if you love women like I do, then interracial dating is like breathing. Look everybody has a preference, be it blondes,blacks,big boobs. So why treat interracial dating any different. I have 2 beefs when it comes to interracial dating. 1- Preference or not I hate people who feel they have to put down their own race in order for them to justify them dating outside their own race. Thats just sad if you ask me. I love black women, I just have a weakness for a certain kind of white woman. 2-Please,please please stop apologizing for your preference. I SMH every time I see an ad description that includes the words "white males only-sorry her preference". Whats with the guilt? Stop it, please.
Interracial dating is merely 2 peoples preference. If it offends you, too bad.
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I agree 100%. It's as if your ashamed that that is what you like. I prefer steak. I've eaten seafood, it's ok. But I don't like it better than steak. When I go to a seafood place, and I order a steak, everyone at the table looks at and it seems as if I have to justify my choice. It's my damn choice. No one is asking you to make the same choice. So quit bugging about my choice.
I know it's not the same thing, but I think it makes my point. I am a white guy that has a completely different take on interracial dating. But a lot people scratch their heads and ask why the hell would you want that. But it's what turns me on. If you need more, check out my profile, or just ask.

I have noticed that a lot of people who enjoy interacial dating themselves don't quite like it when their kids decide to give it a try. If its good enough for you then its good enough for your kids.

My step daughter dates outside her race which is ok with me. I just don't like people that put down their own race in doing so.

True..I agree with that.

Some parents subscribe to the theory of "do as I say not as I do."

That's always been my perspective too. Akin to a preference for *** or ****. Or red hair. Nobody ever asks a guy why he likes redheads. Who knows why certain visual stimuli affect our desires, but they do.

Nice posting, Brotha! Your weakness for white women is probably similar to the weakness many of us white guys have for Asian women. :-)))) I dated a Japanese girl for 5 years, and she was as good as it gets in all respects. Would do that one again in a heartbeat.

Ha ha ha good one mrstevela! I've noticed that white guys seem to have a fondness for Asian women ( when it comes to interracial dating). Your comments are spot on.

In Jamaica, the native men quickly grew a love for Asian women, but only sexually. An historian told me that happened when Karate movies first started appearing on the island in the early 70's when Bruce Lee was big.

My wife has been with several black men for sex. A couple are multiple repeaters and actually good friends. She is treated like the class lady she is who just happens to love a variety of ****. Everyone wins and although I am not bad in the sack, she REALLY loves those thicker 9+ inch black ones.

i think it is a matter of taste and we shouldn't judge. like food or anything else u like what u like. until a little while ago i had never been with a black man. beleive it or not my husband wanted me to try being with one. well i guess it is like a food u never tried and someone wants u to have some and when u do it becomes your favorite. that is how it is with me now with black men

The only thing that counts to me is the positive vibes