Intj Complications

INTJ is a personality based on the the :Myers and Briggs Personality Test."  While it has several meaning and sides, as does everything, to me it means the world is cold and lonely.  The majority of the ppl who fall into this 1.2% category tend to be scorpio and are shunned because of the cold feelings they put off.  Ill explain now that more often than not, the feeling an INTJ puts off is not intended, we are introverted people with excellent control over our emotions. (strong as they are likely to be)  What you see is the face we present to the world, all humans seek and need compassion and to feel loved, I myself just have a very high standard of "that" persons requirements.  The person apparently hiding in the back corner of the class room who doesnt ever seem interested in ppl is just an analytical thinker and requires intelligent conversation to spark his interest, niceties are an annoyance, though we do understand your good intent.
croxout croxout
22-25, M
Jul 24, 2010