I am in the mind but not of the mind.

I am in the body but of not this body

I am within and without

I am everywhere and nowhere.

Who am I ?

Seek and you become the answer .
sinathamby sinathamby
51-55, M
4 Responses Jan 13, 2013

I am

If you could go only inside and find out "Who you are".and that will end all,you have arrived

"I am that I am " quote
great prose there Sin, always love your work

Wow, that's something you have got.I really wish and bless you to become That, life will be sheer bliss.

sorry, I thought that\'s what Popeye always said,

You are your inner consciousness, your spirit, your soul, your essence of life. Unconfined by this earthly body. Free in spite of it :)

Well,good but really when you go inside for answer of who I am, there is no answer or all answers drops but you will know but one is unable to express it.Language cannot contain it.

I am so there for i think.

Don't think,it will lead you astray,Drop thinking and inquire "Who am I"